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Hi there. we have had some really busy time at school with projects and other tasks that we couldn’t be posting the last meetings we have had. However, here we are back on track.

In this meeting, we started discussing the way we celebrate Easter in our countries and was there when I found out that people in Vietnam don’t celebrate it and not even something similar. Therefore, I asked for other celebrations they do in that time of the year. Chi, mentioned a popular one called “Trung chu” that literally means Mid-autumn festival. This is specially meant for children, they make a huge parade around their neighborhoods with colorful torches, they are allowed to eat candies, cakes and also get some presents. It seemed really cool and reminded me about those parades with torches I used to do as a kid when I was in the Elementary school.

On the left a typical Vietnamese cake for the Mid-Autumn festival. On the right a big children’s parade commemorating this date.

We couldn’t quite compare these festivals with the way Peruvians celebrate Easter, but I can mention some main features we have for those dates such as the religious approach we have for this time where we visit different churches, listen the mass and also have some typical culinary traditions as not eating meat (chicken, pork or beef) but fish instead. Of course, this features may slightly vary from one city to another.

Hiragana and festivals


Our second meeting was a late night meeting in Subway (because it was almost only peaceful place which was open).  Kurumi taught us Japanese hiraganas. Eetu was very good at it. As I tried to write with hiragana for the first time in my life we couldn’t help laughing! But I made it to write so many hiraganas and I also learnt to write my name!

We all were very interested in different festivals in each other’s cultures so we started to talk about seasons and festivals. It was very interesting that Japanese New Year is just like our Christmas because New Year is the greatest festival in a year in Japan and it is spent with family. On the other hand, Finnish New Year is very similar to Japanese Christmas because Christmas is usually spent with friends in Japan.

I think it was very nice to study somewhere else than in a classroom or in a library. Late night studying in Subway was something totally different. 😉

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Tampere Comic festival

Essi told us, in our last meeting, that she would be organizing the Tampere comic festival during the weekend. This festival was a small comic event that was opened in the Finlayson area. Haley and I decided to go to see Essi and also because both wanted to see a festival in Tampere.

We met in Stockmann and we went together to the Finlayson area, once there, we met Essi that was dressed with an amazing Kimono that she bought went she was in Japan two years ago. Haley and I waited until Essi had free time to show us the festival; we were looking the different comics that Essi and other finish people made. Once Essi finished her work, the three, went to visit the entire comic event. We saw the different small shops and events that were there.

After that, Essi had to come back, so Haley and I decided to go to dinner, we went to a burger restaurant in Finlayson area, there we where talking about the most famous events that we have in each country, Korea and Spain.

In Barcelona we have a lot of events, the biggest ones are Sonar, a musical festival during the summer period and Saló del manga, a comic festival, one of the biggest in Europe that is always during October. Haley also explained me different events that are in Korea.

Then we started to talk about events of another countries that we want to go, and we realised that we like the same things, both wants to go to a famous comic festival in USA, Comic Con, because in our country we don’t have this kind of events and we like the same movies.

We were talking about another cultural issues of our countries related with the events and festivals. Haley said me that if I will go to Korea in spring there are a lot of spring festivals and events that are really beautiful. I hope that I can visit her the next year!