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5th Meeting

On a busy Friday afternoon, I met Michelle in front of Sokos. We were due to have a cup of coffee and catch up. No Moomins this time.

First off, we started to discuss about our studies. I’m graduating this December so I have a lot on my plate concerning my final thesis and future. What to do after graduation? Michelle was telling me about her next internship and the difficulty with finding a suitable company for it. Then we started comparing women’s position in our homelands. Somehow we ended up comparing the pension systems, as well.

Michelle had some Finnish homework she needed help with, and I was pleasantly surprised to notice that her Finnish hearing comprehension had gotten much better. I didn’t even need to spell words for her.

When we were scheduling our next meeting, we realized that we are running out of time with the course since Michelle is returning to Netherlands shortly. Therefore, we agreed to meet more frequently now on.

Till next time,


Moomins in Cafe Europe

It was a sunny afternoon as I met Michelle last week in front of Café Europe. The touch of spring was in the air although the wind came in cold blasts. We had agreed to meet over a cup of coffee but as it turned out, both of us drank tea.

The purpose for the meeting was to catch up, as we hadn’t met in a while and read some Moomin stories. For me, the pronunciation of German language is difficult. Therefore, it’s good for me to read Moomins out loud and have Michelle helping me with the trickier words. As I’ve read a sentence, we translate it together. Sometimes I even manage to astonish Michelle with my translation skills!

The story we read was telling about Filifjonka waiting for a disaster Von der Filifjonka, dia an Katastrophen glaubte. New words learnt:

die Hummeln = bumblebee
versinken in Gedanken = FIN uppoutua ajatuksiin
die Zehe, -n = toe
Na und überhaupt! = Just forget about it!
vor sich hin = (to say sth) out loud for yourself
die Dämmerung = dawn
‘eilen = to horry
die Aussicht = view
Vervandte = relatives

The story was just getting started when we had to finish our meeting so we’re going to have to continue with it some week.

Bis bald!


Meeting number 3 – Finnish Delicacies

This week our meeting took place in my place in Hatanpää. I just moved in to a new apartment with my boyfriend and I thought it would be nice to show the place to Michelle. We live in a two-room flat with a sauna and a south-facing balcony. The apartment is filled with light coming from big windows.

Our theme for the third meeting was Finnish food, so I prepared us some finger food to eat as an evening snack. We had fish in three forms: pickled herring, cold smoked salmon and smoked rainbow trout. The fish was served with dark bread called saaristolaisleipä and butter of course. We also had some mustamakkara (blood sausage) and lingonberry jam which is traditional especially in Tampere region. The meal wouldn’t be complete without Karjalan piirakka (Karelian pastry) and butter with egg. The cherry on the top was leipäjuusto (bread cheese) with cloudberry jam. Some people call Leipäjuusto squeaky cheese because it squeaks in your mouth.


Michelle had just spent the holiday week in Germany celebrating the carnival so she showed me pictures and told me all about the event. To sum it up: carnival is about dressing up, drinking beer with your nearest and dearest and singing songs together. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Till next time!