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First meeting! Korean class at UTA!

Our first meeting, we met at Cafe Europa to explain the objectives and expectation of each member of the group in order to establish a learning program for the group.

After that we went to learn Korean! We went to a Korean Class that is organized by Korean exchange students at UTA University.

In that class, we were different exchanges student from around the world, and we were separated in small groups of 10, 5 Koreans and 5 exchanges students in order that each Korean helped one of us to learn the correct pronunciation of the Korean verbs.This class was really interesting for me, because I had the opportunity to learn the essential Korean verbs with different people that are trying to learn Korean too. 

The aim of this class was the essential verbs, we learned the pronunciation of each one and also we tried to make a few sentences. Yeaeun was helping me and Haley was helping Essi.

Some of the verbs that we learned:

  • 할 (to do)
  • 먹다 (to eat)
  • (마시다 (to drink)
  • 가다  (to go)

Also we learned different useful words like beer (맥주), cat (고양이) or home (홈).

I also learned that Korean is a very polite language, they have different speech levels according to the confidence that they have with each person. We learn the polite form (the most used form) and to do this form we have to add 요 (the pronunciation is like “yo”) at the end of the verb or phase.

Our first meeting was really great, because we learned a lot of new staff and also I had the opportunity to meet better the members of my group.

Our next meeting we going to learn Finnish and  do some baking in Essi’s house!


our first meeting

On 2th of October, We had our first meeting. Until now, I didn’t post here about our meeting, but I’ll post our Each One Teach One’s time from now!

We met in the cafe Europa at 11am. Jongsoo and I live in the same apartment, so already we’ve known. But Jongsoo and I meet Mari for the first time on this day. And at 11am, I could meet Mari in front of the cafe Europa. I knew the information that Mari likes having a trip by an email, and actually she seemed to really like a trip. It is the first impression for Mari.

When we were waiting for Jongsoo in front of the door for a few minutes, we noticed that the café Europe open from 12pm, so we decided to change a place.


We moved place to  the Wayne’s coffee and then knew that Jongsoo couldn’t meet, so Mari and I talked about our Each One Teach One’s plan. Our goal is that Mari becomes to master basic conversation that used when she travels at Japan, and I become to understand Finnish basic word and grammar!! In addition, her department is nursing and she is busy by tasks or studying, so we decided to meet gather once a week.

Fortunately, Mari’s apartment is the place that Jongsoo and I can walk to there (about 5 minutes on foot)! So we decided to study basic Finnish and Japanese at each apartment in the first half of the meeting and learn each other’s culture by walking around the city or making each other’s dishes together and so on in the latter half of the meeting!

I want to learn each other’s languages and culture with having fun!!!

First: Dutch-Italian lunch in a Finnish ravintola!

Me and Sanne had our first Dutch-Italian lesson in the canteen of our campus (Campusravita). According to our preliminary plan we tried to start from the basic things of our languages… and we discovered how hard it is to go step by step! Every time we were skipping to more difficult grammar rules and words and then we realized that we were going too fast. It is indeed that the more you learn, the more you desire to know. In this quite messy (but very funny) way I learnt some words (mostly related to the food we were eating at that time). Dutch determinative articles and I tried for the first time in my life the sound of the Dutch “g” which is very complicated and sounds very weird! in my notebook I wrote it as /chr/ to memorize how to say it! So:

  • Articles:  De or Het… every word has it’s own sepcific article but there no other rule to decide which one you have to choose!
  • Wortel = carota (carrot);
  • Brood = pane (bread)
  • Vork = forchetta (fork)
  • Bord = piatto (plate)
  • Twee = due (two)
  • Schnitzel = cotoletta (cutlet)
  • Water = acqua (water)
  • Salade = insalata (salad)
  • Aardappel = patata (potato)
  • Stoel = sedia (chair)
  • Bloem = fiore (flower)
  • Melk = latte (milk)

Carlo Soregotti

Learning German


My name is Maija. I have studied German before and I would like to improve my skills because I think it is nice language and the culture is interesting.

Our group consists of three members, I, Kaisa and Theresa. Theresa is our German teacher. Our group met first time in Coffeehouse. I and Kaisa have studied German before and we both would like to learn same things, for example business letters.

In the first meeting Theresa taught us the basics, because we wanted to refresh our memory. She showed how to conjugate verbs and basic structure of the sentences.

Here is example how to conjugate the verb “Machen”=to do something

Ich mache
Du machst
Er/sie/es macht
Wir machen
Ihr macht
Sie machen

After that she showed us some examples of business letters.

I learned lot of new words, like




It is really nice to learn in a group and next time we will learn the shopping vocabulary  🙂berliini



#1 – EOTO starts! How to teach German in a One-Way Learning Group

On Thursday I had my first meeting and lesson with my 3 German students! 🙂 We’re a one-way-learning group of 4 students with me teaching two Finnish girls and one exchange student from Portugal. I personally was very excited about this because this also meant managing interests of three different students while teaching a language. I have been teaching English to a younger student back then when I was in high school  and I hoped it would be around the same now, but frankly, that was some years ago and now I have 3 students instead of one, so I was nervous about this one.

We met at Keskustori fountain and then decided to go to Coffee House because we wanted to get a table and be in a warm place. Luckily we had enough space and I just shoved two tables together to get a big one hehe 😀

Because they all wanted to learn how to talk and hold conversations in German mainnly, we started our session with how to introduce ourselves in German, then we moved on to the basic pronouns and the verb “to be” = sein in German.

Basically, I did some kind of introduction and basics roundup with them. I explained some specialties from the German alpahbet like the “ß” or “z” and “ä, ö, ü” though the last ones are so similar to the Finnish “ä, ö, y” that my Finnish students had no problem with it 🙂 German articles “der, die, das” and “ein, eine, ein” were difficult to explain because there is no logic behind it, when does what article come, it’s just vocabulary and for German people: intuition (sad truth). Pronunciation has also been questioned several times and I had a pretty difficult time with that because I know there are rules for that. Far too many ones though and far too many exceptions so I had a hard time getting all of those together as far as possible. Teaching makes me realise how strange and unlogic the German language actually is altough is comes naturally to me because it’s my mother tongue. The Finnish girls could only laugh about that because their own language is even more difficult haha, yeaaaah that’s so true 😀

They were also super lucky to had some German lessons before so this was only a repitition for them, while Joao, our Portuguese exchange student, had to keep up with that. After teaching some more basics like how to build up a simple sentence and giving out more examples and rules about conjugating verbs and teaching more vocabulary in context, Joao had to leave for homework.


Because Kaisa and Maija, the Finnish students, also wanted to learn about writing mails and letters in German and they are advanced with that language already, I pulled out my laptop and explained some basic rules and teached them examples and phrases from my own letters that I have been writing for application training etc.

I wrapped everything up with showing them briefly how to start and end informal letters for a change that could be used in letters/mails to friends or on postcards! 😀

Here’s the Doc for people who are interested in that as well: lesson1_useful phrases

My first session was very funny even though I had the feeling there was a lot of different things happening at the same time, my students told me they were able to keep up (I hope this is true hehe). One even told me that she liked my way of teaching and found it good which made me really happy and made me feel more confident about this 🙂 Seems like I can do this! I am also very grateful that they just ask me about things that they want to know or don’t understand just like that and aren’t shy about asking; it makes it so much easier for me to teach that way.

I’m looking forward to the next sessions! I like my EOTO group a lot! See you again next week! 😀