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10/ Christmas Market

Four our last appointment, we decided to go to the little Christmas Market. In fact, to see each other in another meeting will be complicated because we all have exam, trip and go back home in different dates.

So we met each other in front of the Fazer coffee with 4 of us and a Russian friend of Tanja and Magdalena. We went to the chocolate shop and after to the coffee shop. We decided to not learn vocabulary because we preferred learned culture by talking. And I’m happy that we were thinking in the same way.

So we discuss food, Christmas, and our daily life in our home country. This time we also talked about Russia because the German girls and me went in Saint Petersburg so we were asking the Russian girl about language or her daily life here.


To make an overview of our semester just in a word I will say : surprised. In fact, I didn’t know what can I expected from this course. I wanted something cultural but not learning or teaching in a way to organized because I was afraid to be born. But I had the perfect member that is to say in a same way of thinking. We made a preliminary plan with some ideas that we did as the cooking event, the coffee meeting but also other things and every time something new. We learned vocabulary but also the recipe, talked about the prejudices and compared it with the reality so the culture in general and the quotidian life of every member and I think this important because there is some part of the culture that is general but not something that we did. So I liked it because now I can imagine a day of each member.
I was afraid to teach because it was my first time but it was easy because we all understand easily and even we different culture we were nit judging but totally in a way of learning and discovering.
The another part that I really liked is the fact that we also talked about the Finland and finish culture. But also compare our experience here so the things that we liked or not and things that surprised us for example.

Now I delete some prejudices that I had on the germans and discover a new country. Thanks to this course I wanna go to Germany to try some food and discover this country. Of course I want to return in Spain too, nd my door is open to be guide in Paris !

8/ Ice Hockey

Because we like done various things and as I said before, we like learned our culture but also discover together the Finnish culture. So we decide to meet in the Ice Hockey stadium to watch a match of the Tampere’s team : Tappara. Our seat was really nice because we were high so we can see everything !

During the break we tried finnish food and enjoyed to look the supporters of Tappara playing, dancing etc.

It was my first hockey match so I didn’t know the rules or nothing so I asked Xavier because he went already there. So I learned some basics, enough to understand the game.

We really enjoyed the match and we were absolutely focused on it. I loved the atmosphere with competition but not too much, the music and everything ! I discovered a new sport and I think that it’s one of my favorite because I enjoy watching it, it was not boring. During the breaks, we also talked about the sport in our country.
For example, which sport we prefer or which team we support. I explained that in Paris, when you are a supporter of the team against Paris-Saint-Germain and that you are in the stadium, you really need to be careful because the fan can be mad with you and go until the fight.

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1/ Christmas Culture

In my group’s first appointment, we met in a pub that every member of the group know : Mallashovi.

During this first appointment, we first present ourselves so we are 4 members : Xavier the only man who comes from Spain, Magdalena and Tanja who come from Germany and me from France.

After that, we start to talk about our life here in Finlande and the differences with our quotidian life in our hometown. Then we focused our discussion on the Christmas traditions in each country.

For example, the german girls talked about their incredible market -Christkindlmarkt -where you can find food, hot wine, present and most of the time artisanal things. I already heard about that because you can find some in the east part of the France, close to the german boundary. Xavier about the grapes that you need to eat when the bell ring.

After we discuss the Christmas decoration like Christmas tree but also the “Belen” – the representation of the birth of Jesus with little figurine –

But we realized that according to the country, the date of celebration it’s not the same. For example in France it’s the 24th night and the 25th but in Spain, it’s also in January. And “Los 3 Reyes Magos” are the one who brings presents to the child like in Jésus’s birth.

With this meeting, I was happy that even if we are from different cultures and that English is not our mother tong we can understand each other in a real conversation and not just the basics. I realized that I already know a lot about the Spanish Christmas traditions but I know anything about the German ones.

Teaching seem not that hard because all the member has approximately my age and are here to learn.

After this meeting, I was really curious and looking forward to participating in the next meeting.

Our Group

Comment je peux aller à la Tour Eiffel?

Our second meeting was in Coffee House at Keskustori. The topic of our lesson was French. All of us had a few skills, so we could start by introducing ourselves in French.


Bonjour. Je m’appelle Sabrina et je viens d’Allemagne. Je vive dans Titisee-Neustadt, une petite ville dans le sud d’Allemagne. J’ai vingt-six ans. J’ai un frère. Il s’appelle Simon.

After the introduction we thought about everyday dialogues which could be when we are in France. And then we practiced them. We decided that asking for the way and ordering in a restaurant are useful skills.

Asking for the way

Bonjour. Excusez-moi. Je suis perdu. Comment je peux à la Tour Eiffel?
Vous devez tourner à gouche et aller tout droit jusqu’à la rue Quai des Tuileries. Puis vous devez tourner à droite. Vous prenez la prochaine à gauche et traverser le Pont Royal. Alors vous devez marchez le long de la rivière jusqu’à Le Pont d’léna. Vous devez tourner à gauche y aller tout droit. Et voilà, vous arrivez à la Tour Eiffel!
Merci beaucoup!
De rien!

741979_web_R_by_Sonja Mahr_pixelio.de
Picture: Sonja Mahr / pixelio.de

Ordering in a restaurant

Bonjour. Combien personnes vous êtes?

Nous sommes deux personnes.
Vous peux prendre cette table.

Avez-vous déjà décidé?
Oui, je veux un hamburger avec des frites, s’il vous plaît.
Voulez-vous des entréés?
Non, merci.

Et voilà, un hamburger avec des frites. Bon appétit!
Merci beaucoup!

C’était bon?
Oui, c’était très bien.
Voulez-vous des desserts?
Oui, je veux de la glace, s’il vous plaît.

Je veux l’addition, s’il vous plaît.
Il fait 50 euros, s’il vous plaît.Et voilà!
Au revoir!
Au revoir!

www.helenesouza.com / pixelio.de

I learned French many years ago. I thought I’ve forgotten everything, but that wasn’t so. I could remember many things.

Our next lesson will be German.

First Meeting in Aussie bar

We are a group of 10 people from Finland, France, Russia and Germany.  Everyone wants to learn every language of these four. Our general goal is to receive basic speaking skills in each of these languages.

Our first meeting was on thursday in the Aussie bar. We introduced ourselves and told things about our home countries. So we’ve learned a little bit of the French Culture,  a few Russian expressions, things about Finnish people and something about Germans carnival called Fasnacht.

We decided that every meeting has a different language. We will start on Sunday with our first lesson in French.

Hockey time, the 9th meeting

We had our 9th meeting on May 2nd. After thinking which topic we hadn’t covered yet we came to the conclusion that we might need to go through some vocabulary regarding sports. The World Cup of ice hockey was just going on, so we decided to watch a game. We watched the match France against Germany. Luckily Germany won in the end.

I have never been into sports and therefore I noticed I might need to improve my vocabulary about sports also in English. However, we managed to cover the basics to be able to talk about the topic. I’m not quite sure if I taught the correct terms in Finnish, as ‘pakki’ is more of a slang word than the correct one ‘puolustaja’. But at least I tried.

Let’s watch Hockey

What is probably the most Finnish thing you can do? – watch a nice match of Hockey. As the World Cups is now going on and we didn’t want to leave out the German part of our EOTO we watched Germany against France on the 2nd of May. As both of these countries are not the most famous Hockey nations the game ended with a rather unspectacular 1-2 for Germany. But at least we won with a exciting last minute goal in the end of the third period. 😉 Ice hockey will never be the most exciting sport for me to watch  but every now and then it is nice.

The last one…

For the last meeting of EOTO, we decided to go for a walk through Tampere! The sun is finally shinning again and is not to cold anymore 🙂

We walk around thinking about all the words and culture we have exchange during this 5 months, and let me tell u…. it was fun doing this each one teach one course.

So we stopped in front of different places around the city and we teach each other the names in Spanish and French.

For example:

Butcher: Carnicero, Boucher

Bakery: Panaderia, Boulangerie

Restaurant: Restaurante, Restaurant

Bridge: Puente, Pont.

Hairdresser: Peluquero (SP), Coiffeur (FR)

Supermarket: Supermercado, Supermarché

Clothing store: Tienda de ropa, Boutique de vetements

If u want to learn more here u can find more places in french-spanish



Thank you to Emilie for being my EOTO partner! 🙂 and see u around!

Argentina-France christmas :)

So after vacations we met in Tamk and talk a lot a about Christmas traditions in France and in Argentina.

We talk about christmas food, decorations and things people do during holidays in our countries and it was very interesting. Is so different mostly because in Argentina is always summer for Christmas so for example we don’t really eat much food…is too hot!

Here u can find some things to do if ur lucky to be in Paris someday for Christmas 🙂


And here something about how we (Argentinians) celebrate Christmas

http://www.whychristmas.com/cultures/argentina.shtmlEl Magni 107 - Caliente Navidad


Anyways was a great meeting like always 😉

#10 Exam Time

For our last meeting Ugo and I met at the TAMK library. Everybody had prepared a little exam, to test our knowledge and to find out what we have learned in our study seassions. Like i wrote in my last blog entry, i really appreciated this course. If u would stay for two semesters, i am sure to do this course again. Unfortunately I have to leave Tampere in five days. The time i have spent here was just amazing and the people i have met here will always have a special place in my heart!



Kiitos Suomi!
Merci la Finlande!
Danke Finnland