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27.1. ~ Comment allez-vous?

Bonjour! Salut! Coucou!

Je m’appelle Nina, ravi de vous rencontrer! Yesterday was the first time we officially met with Getuar and Morgan after the course info on Wednesday. We met at Café Europa in the evening, sat down and bought ourselves some nice coffee and hot cocoa.

Morgan is from France, Paris, and both me and Getuar are from Finland. Morgan teaches us some French and we help her learn Finnish. Getuar is new to the language, but I know a bit French from elementary and middle school. Morgan is also new to Finnish. Our plan was to meet at the café to hang out and teach each other about the languages. Morgan had prepared a great list of common greetings and phrases in French, which we went over together. We also practiced the alphabet, some pronunciation, numbers, days of the week, and random words like “pain, vin et fromage!” In the process of learning, we could apply the words in a practical concept, such as numbers with how to say one’s age; J’ai vingt ans = I’m twenty years old.

The list was a great way to review some basic French, I was very surprised how much I could remember. I learned new things as well, and noticed how important to pronounce the words clearly. I have to pay more attention to listening what I’m saying, because many words are written differently than how they’re actually said in French. Sentence structure and verb conjugation is slowly coming back to me, and the articles before the words. This first time was a good way to ease in to the language on my behalf at least, Getuar got a lot of new material to go over, I hope he’s not too confused, hehe! Morgan is a great teacher, because she explains thoroughly why the sentence or word is pronounced the way it is, and how it differs from English.

This style of learning a language I think is the most productive way of learning, because you can ask anything you want and you can choose what you want to learn, instead of just sitting in a classroom and going over books with twenty-something other students. The teacher seldom has time to pay very close attention to every single student’s learning capability, sot this close contact, practical language learning is, in my opinion, the best way to stay motivated and interested in the language. It’s also a great way to get to know new people!

Morgan is taking a Finnish class, so we are not sure what they have been learning so far, so we decided to to teach Morgan at least the weekdays for now. We also went over some expressions, words and the importance of double letters in words and the difference between ‘Ä’ and ‘A’ (or ‘O’ and ‘Ö’.) Teaching others makes you actually notice some new things in your own language as well, and thinking of the rules of the language and the technique to pronounce different vowels. Example words are important, and putting the learned things into practical concept, for example weekdays with the expression ‘Today is…’ or ‘Yesterday was…’ The grammar is hard one to teach in a simple way, but it’s something that’ll come later on, I think!

My expectations for this first meeting were quite similar to what we actually accomplished; we had fun together and had a great communication, learned some basic things in each other’s languages, and made it fun. It’s also good to know, that you don’t have to know everything, we can always google things..! I wish we had more time to teach Morgan some other Finnish words, but next time I’ll prepare something fun for her to learn!

I’m hoping to meet up with my group soon again, we’ll decide  the date soon in our Whatsapp group 🙂


12/12/2016 – 10th meeting Hungarian/French

The last meeting, unfortunately!

We went to the café called ‘Olympia’ for our last meeting, close to Pinja :/ We didn’t really talk about a special topic but more about our personal life and differents subjects. Just as really good friends. In fact, thanks to Each One Teach One course, I have meet Tamas and Rebeka and they are so nice! We have become really closed after four months.

Tamas and Rebeka are unique. With them, I had the chance to discover a new country, Hungary. They explained everything about it.

At the end of the meeting, Rebeka told me that she will go in Erasmus in February in France. And I also told them that I have find an internship in Budapest, Hungary! So it is not the end of our friendship 😀 I hope that I will see Tamas and Rebeka in Budapest before that Rebeka leaves Hungary.

Thank you guys, it was such a great time with you ! <3


11/12/2016 – 9th meeting Hungarian/French

Now, it is time for me to cook French Food!

For this meeting ont he 8th of December, we met in Pinja (my place) in the center of Tampere. Béla (my Hungarian flatmate) and me cooked a French cake called ‘Galettes des Rois’. It was quite difficult because we need special plates and specials ingredients but I think that they appreciated the results.

It is a very famous cake in France that we eat every year at the beginning of January and which is usually decorated with a crown. I put a lot of almonds because it is the main flavour in this cake.

During this meeting, we also talked about famous French deserts and how to cook them.


10/12/2016 – 8th meeting Hungarian/French

It is already the 8th meeting and we are almost at the middle of December!

This meeting was one of my favourite! We met for Rebeka’s birthday on the 10th of December in the West of Tampere. We had a lot of fun at this meeting because we try to pronouce hard word and it was quite difficult for the three of us.

Furthermore, we played some games but in English this time, with other friends of Rebeka. We also played the ‘Twister’ for a long time. We met Rebeka’s Finish roomate who was really nice.

Some word that I learnt at this meeting:

  • game: játék
  • cake: torta
  • present: jelen
  • candle: gyertya
  • friends: barátok
  • roomate: szobatársa


02/12/2016 – 7th meeting Hungarian/French

For this 7th meeting at the beginning of January, we met in Rovaniemi, Lapland. This meeting was only with Tamas in the Santa Claus’ Village.

Tamas was also with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend so it was quite interesting to discuss with more Hungarian people. We went to see the reindeers together and after that, when talked at the campfire place. We discussed about how they live together in Hungary and about their habits. We also talked about my habits in France so Tamas’ brother and his girlfriend discovered how I live.

I just learnt few words about Lapland today:

 – Reindeers: rénszarvasok
– Santa Claus: Mikulás
– Sled dogs: szán kutyák
– Habits: szokások
– Snow: hó
– Lapland: Lappföld


10/ Christmas Market

Four our last appointment, we decided to go to the little Christmas Market. In fact, to see each other in another meeting will be complicated because we all have exam, trip and go back home in different dates.

So we met each other in front of the Fazer coffee with 4 of us and a Russian friend of Tanja and Magdalena. We went to the chocolate shop and after to the coffee shop. We decided to not learn vocabulary because we preferred learned culture by talking. And I’m happy that we were thinking in the same way.

So we discuss food, Christmas, and our daily life in our home country. This time we also talked about Russia because the German girls and me went in Saint Petersburg so we were asking the Russian girl about language or her daily life here.


To make an overview of our semester just in a word I will say : surprised. In fact, I didn’t know what can I expected from this course. I wanted something cultural but not learning or teaching in a way to organized because I was afraid to be born. But I had the perfect member that is to say in a same way of thinking. We made a preliminary plan with some ideas that we did as the cooking event, the coffee meeting but also other things and every time something new. We learned vocabulary but also the recipe, talked about the prejudices and compared it with the reality so the culture in general and the quotidian life of every member and I think this important because there is some part of the culture that is general but not something that we did. So I liked it because now I can imagine a day of each member.
I was afraid to teach because it was my first time but it was easy because we all understand easily and even we different culture we were nit judging but totally in a way of learning and discovering.
The another part that I really liked is the fact that we also talked about the Finland and finish culture. But also compare our experience here so the things that we liked or not and things that surprised us for example.

Now I delete some prejudices that I had on the germans and discover a new country. Thanks to this course I wanna go to Germany to try some food and discover this country. Of course I want to return in Spain too, nd my door is open to be guide in Paris !

9/ French Cooking Evening

For our 3rd cooking meeting, it was my turn to teach a recipe. I asked my group what did they want to eat and ask me to make a : Quiche Lorraine.

So I bought the ingredients and print the recipe before to go to Tiilinkatu where the girls live. First, we decided to translate the recipe and discussed with a tea about our exchange because it’s almost the end and also about the Lapland because the German girls went there two weeks before our meeting and I was going there the week after.


at 7pm we decided to start to prepare so I saw how to prepare the mix and after to cook the meat etc.
15356965_10210412602062932_2105600330_nThis is a kind of remix because we didn’t have the right cake mould but the taste was the same !

I think that my teaching session was a success because everyone said that now, they can do the recipe easily so my anxiety disapper. I hope they enjoyed their plate and will do the recipe again for their firends !

8/ Ice Hockey

Because we like done various things and as I said before, we like learned our culture but also discover together the Finnish culture. So we decide to meet in the Ice Hockey stadium to watch a match of the Tampere’s team : Tappara. Our seat was really nice because we were high so we can see everything !

During the break we tried finnish food and enjoyed to look the supporters of Tappara playing, dancing etc.

It was my first hockey match so I didn’t know the rules or nothing so I asked Xavier because he went already there. So I learned some basics, enough to understand the game.

We really enjoyed the match and we were absolutely focused on it. I loved the atmosphere with competition but not too much, the music and everything ! I discovered a new sport and I think that it’s one of my favorite because I enjoy watching it, it was not boring. During the breaks, we also talked about the sport in our country.
For example, which sport we prefer or which team we support. I explained that in Paris, when you are a supporter of the team against Paris-Saint-Germain and that you are in the stadium, you really need to be careful because the fan can be mad with you and go until the fight.

You need Adobe for the media

7/ Fazer Coffee

For our 7 meeting, we decide to go to the Fazer Coffee. I never went to this coffee shop before and I wanted to try. It’s a part of our meeting : discover a new place in Finland to talk about cultures.

So it’s with a coffee – or tea – that we start our topic : prejudices.

This subject was in our preliminary plan and I think that is a subject that we couldn’t avoid.

We make a board with three column – one for each country – and one by one we filled the board.


I think this meeting is one of my favorite because prejudices are something important that everyone has in mind and with this conversation we can discover the prejudices but after explain the realty or the reason why. During this meeting, I think they learned more about French people that the other because the other prejudicies are not that bad.


I am happy but surprised that my english allows me to talk about thar without difficulties to explain and to understand.

Baking some muffins & dessert talk

As we both had time on Wednesday again, we meet for some baking in the kitchen. We got a gluten-free baking mixture and baked some muffins then. I´m gluten-intolerant, so it´s sometimes a bit hard to find something, but Finland has a pretty good selection of gluten-free stuff. The muffins turned out pretty good.

We both like desserts and talked about the typical desserts of our countries like chocolate and waffles for Belgium and Rote Grütze, apple strudel and kalter Hund for Germany.

Guilio told me the words for the ingredients for the muffins in French:

des œufs = eggs = die Eier

le lait = milk = die Milch

le chocolat = chocolate = die Schokolade

le sucre = sugar = der Zucker

la huile = oil = das Öl


I have a bit of a hard time with the French pronunciation because it´s very different from my language, but he told me how to speak it right. Also the French articles are a bit easier than the German one´s.