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Each One Teach One #10

For this 10th and last meeting, Bea and me decided to go to Turku. Two friends joined us, and we can consider that we spend the full day to this meeting!

On the Road to Turku!We reviewed our course about the “directions”, the way to describe a map…etc., with the use of my GPS. To go to Turku, I put my GPS in French, and I asked to Bea to guide me, and to come back, I put it in Italian, and used it directly. Finally the vocabulary used by the GPS was quite easy, and the arrows on the map on the GPS screen helped us, in case of doubt!😉

Italian RestaurantWe had lunch in Turku, and our desire was to eat Italian, or French food. Finally we went to an Italian restaurant. One of the waitresses was Italian, and Bea directly asked her to speak Italian. It was the first time, that I spoke Italian with someone else than Bea. Of course I’m not bilingual, (at least, not yet!.), but I have been happy to note that I was able to speak basically. However, I had to ask her to speak slower.., because she was speaking too fast for me. For one more time, I have been lucky to eat Italian food, and it was very good. I really like this type of food!


Then we had a walk and visited Turku, it was sunny day, and we spent a very good time there!


It was our last Each One Teach One meeting, and also one of my last day before leaving Tampere.

I’m a kind of sad, because of the end.., about everything!..but like Bea says, “don’t be sad because it’s almost the end, be happy because it happened!”. And she is right, I’m happy because it happened!

Each One Teach One was a great experience! Now, I have basic knowledges about Italian, but I also learnt many things about the Italian way of life! With Beatrice, we promised to each other to meet again; it will be time for me to visit Milan, for Bea to visit Paris!

I really hope Bea will be ready for her French exam!


Thank you Bea! 😊


Each One Teach One #9

End is coming.., and for this last “theoretical course”, I mean about the language skills, in French as in Italian, we had only the verbs and the tenses left.

As usual, I know that I’m repeating myself, but that’s important to know, Bea knew already a lot. For her home examination, she has to be clear with indicative and imperative tenses, logically with the negative, interrogative and intero-negative forms as well, and with the auxiliaries. For this course, I had prepared tables, with the different tenses for regular verbs, and a specific one for the main irregular. That’s funny, because, even if French is my mother tongue, I got some doubts, and I had to check if I was right! Finally, it was a good exercise for me too!

Then, I introduce to Bea some tools, to know “when use which tense”. For example, in French, to speak about the past, we can use the “imparfait”, to speak about “long action” which happened in the past, and the “passé simple”, to speak about “short action”.

ex: Nous étions (imparfait) au restaurant lorsqu’il commença (passé simple) à pleuvoir.

About our Italian part, Bea had prepared tables too, because I wanted to know, and know how to use, the most common verbs. She taught me, in the present and in past tenses, the verbs: to be, to have, to do, to say, to go, to see, to want, to eat, to drink, to like. Thats right, at the end of the course it was a little bit confused in my mind, because I discovered many things, but in the same time the notes were very clear, so, I should success to learn them! 😉

For ou last course, we would like to do something funny, we don’t know what exactly, not yet, but we will let you know in our last article! 😊

Each One Teach One #8

For this 8th meeting, Beatrice and I decided to work again about the language skills, to complete our program!

Dessin élève écoleAs usual for the theoretical work, we met in quiet space, and we even met each other in real classroom which was free, at Tamk! We were almost as a real teacher and a real student! 😉

Bea started to teach me! She taught me vocabulary about the colors, the family (with the different family members), and the animals. We already spoke about those subjects we did before, but we worked on them more seriously and I took some notes. As those subjects as easy and quite fast to do, we also worked on vocabulary about new’s headlines. Even if I’ll not be able to understand a Italian article, understand some headlines can be helpful, to have an idea about what’s happening in the world!

Then, it has been my turn to be the teacher! From our program, we had many small topics to study, and one more important. For this meeting, we worked on the part with many small topics. More specifically, I prepared a course with the personal pronouns, the prepositions, the adverbs, and finally the comparisons and the superlatives. It could look awesome, but most of this points are more “things to know” than “things to understand”, and Bea already knew most of them.


I’m asking myself if I really learn things to Bea, because she is better than she thinks!

Each One Teach One #7

Hi Everyone!


After have worked “language” skills last time, for our 7th meeting, we decided to work more about cultural aspects. Both of us, we are listening music all the time, when we are happy, sad, anxious, to wake up, to fall asleep.. and it seemed us, as an evidence, to exchange about music!

Bea and me prepared this course by selecting typical French & Italian musics, and for each of them, we listened it, spoke about the melody, the feelings given by those songs, and then, we worked on the lyrics. Just for Bea, who is more advanced in French, than me in English, we paid attention to the original lyrics as well.

Variété française!I chose 2 very known “french variety” (= variété française) singers, who are Jean-Jacques Goldman, and Claude François. For me, they are typical french variety singers. However, it was difficult to select specific songs, I like many of them… Finally, we listen “Puisque tu pars” and “Au bout de mes rêves”, from Jean-Jacques Goldman, and “Comme d’Habitude” and “Alexandrie Alexandra” from Claude Francois.

Laura_pausini_1993About Italian songs, Bea introduced me her favorite singer, who is Laura Pausini. She selected 3 songs, “Come se non fosse stato mai amore”, “La solitudine” and “Strani amori”. I knew already “La solitudine”, that I find really very beautiful, but I discovered the 2 others. I cannot say which one I preferred.., I enjoyed listening all of them; they are a lot of emotion.

I have been lucky and really happy, because Bea prepared us an Italian desert with chocolate! I’m not able to show a picture; I thought about it after we finished it! 😋

Each One Teach One #6

For our 6th meeting, we decided to re-start to work “more seriously”! (I mean, we are always serious, but it’s right that watch movies is a king of “cool work” ahaha!)

Like during our 3rd meeting, we came again outside to work the “Italian part”.

Giving directionsBea already started to teach about the “directions”, and this time, she finished it! I learnt how to express different common places, which could be used as landmark (for example school, supermarket, restaurant, grocery, stationery, pharmacy…etc.). Bea showed me the places, and told me the names in Italian. She also taught me some indicators, as straight on, on the left, on the right, street corner, in front of, between… To finish this part, and be sure that I’ll never get lost in Rome, we practiced with a map.

Even if it’s very pleasant to study outside, we went back to home for the “French part”. As you know, Bea will have an exam in her home university when she will come back, so we think that practice with “school way” is needed.. This time we worked on the possessive & demonstrative pronouns and adjectives. Bea knew most of them, it’s not very difficult, but there are many details, so I showed to her some practical methods, and it worked!:) At the end, we did exercices, and Bea succeed them, without any papers with the course, she already memorized the rules and the methodology!

Each One Teach One #5

Second relaxing time with a second movie!

(We did eat many days ago, I’m quite late to write this article.., forgive me!)

NORD_SUD_bisAfter having watched the french comedy Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, and eaten French food, we decided to watch “the same movie”, but from Italy, and to eat Italian food.

We watched Benvenuti al Sud, in Italian with English subtitles. When I’m saying “the same movie”, the film is a remake of Bienvenue chez les Ch’ti, but Italian version. It was really funny to compare the same subject, from France and then from Italy.


You can see a trailer here!

Like the last time, to be in “the mood”, we ate Italian food, we ate Tiramisù! But before that, Bea tried to teach me how to make it! Basically I’m really a bad cook, and in addition, Bea taught me how to make it in Italian.., imagine…! Finally, we did it together, ate it before and during the movie, and it was really good!




Each One Teach One #4

Bienvenue_chez_les_CH'TISThis meeting has been very relaxing an funny because we decided to watch a movie!

We were speaking about this idea since a long time, we had a intense week last week, with many exams, and so, we thought it was time to do it!

We watched a french movie, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, which is a French Comedy, in French with English subtitles.

You can see a trailer here!

Photo iPhone


To stay in the “French mood”, I brought red wine, cheese and “baguette”, to introduce French food to Beatrice!:)

Each One Teach One #3

Hi Everyone!


This time has been different because Beatrice and I went outside.

Beatrice taught me the different ways to greet, depending of the situation, of the time of the day and of the person.

Friends People unknown but same age Formal form
Hi Ciao Ciao Salve
Bye Ciao Ciao Arrivederci
Morning (à 1 or 2) X X Buongiorno
Have a good day X X Buona giornatia
Evening X X Buonasera
Have a good evening X X Buona serata
Good night Buonanotte X X

To practise, Bea showed me people on the street, and I had to tell her how I should salute them. We also started to work on “Giving Direction” but we will finish it a next time.


When we came back home, I taught to Bea the nouns and adjectives accords. She knew most of them already, but she will be interrogated on them and I think she needed it! 🙂

Each One Teach One #2

For this second meeting, Beatrice and I met us at home, in TOAS City. That’s not very original but I am sure you will understand why.

We needed quiet because, to finish the French pronunciation that we started the last time, we worked with a french song.

Bon Entendeur, "Le génie" We chose a part of the song “Le génie, Gainsbourg, March 2014″ from french artists: Bon Entendeur. We have already listened this song together, we like it each other and it seemed us interesting to work with; they are more speaking than singing and it was a funny way to work. It permitted us to check vocabulary as well.

If you want to listen it, click here! (we worked from 41:45 to 46:34 )


In Italian, Beatrice taught me many things to express the time. I learnt the days, the months, some usual expressions to speak about the date and how to tell the time. It could seem idiot but I think it is important to know.


Next time should be less theatrical for me because we planned to go outside to learn some common expressions used in the street!

Each One Teach One #1

EOTO n°1!Hi Everyone!


Firstly, just to let you know, I had my first course many days ago and I am quite late to write my first article… Forgive me!

EOTO n°1

I am doing this partnership with Beatrice; she teaches me Italian while I teach her French. We already met us before since we are living  each other in TOAS City.

Beatrice has already studied French before, and she is good, but she is not practicing a lot. As she has to pass an exam when she will come back home, she gave me what she will be supposed to know and I am gonna do my best to help her to success!

As I am concerned, I have never learnt Italian and start as beginner.


For our first meeting, we were really classic and met each other in our common kitchen; I have to admit it was the easiest way for this first time.

In French, we worked the pronunciation; even if Beatrice speaks already French well, we discovered that she had some problems, specifically with the letters Q – U – R. We used a long time with this letters and managed them with different combinations. At the end, it was already really better!

In Italian, logically, to start, we worked about basics things; more precisely Beatrice taught me the alphabet and his pronunciation, the numbers and the verbs to be and to have in present. We finished our meeting with the learning of common expressions as “my names is..”, “I am X years old” and so on.

In one course, I really had the feeling to discover many many things about a completely unknown language, so it is good!