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#5 la musique

Hello everyone!

Today for our meeting with Ugo we decided to stay at TAMK, the weather outside was too cold to do anything.
That was a great moment, we spend few hours “youtubing” videos and trying to show the other our favourite songs.
Few weeks ago Ugo was listening to FAUVE, French band very famous for its lyrics. It is half rock/Half poetry, very special style. And I was very curious about it.
So we decided to listen to it with the lyrics. Here you can find the video and click for subtitles:

I really like the lyrics I hope you will too.

Also one of Ugo’s favourite band is Justice. Electro music band.

There are no lyrics but they have become very famous in the late 2000. They are famous for being a little bit crazy. The basically made a revolution in the French electro world. Their DVD Across the Universe is also available on youtube if you are interested! Crazy guys…

I am able to conjugate French verbs but I need sometimes to make a little recap to be able to speak great.

J’aime = I like
Je n’aime pas = I don’t like
Qui est-ce qui chante? = Who is singing?
Tu connais cette chanson? = Do you know this song?
Un groupe = A band
Un chanteur = A singer