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Russian dinner with my Korean girls

The time for Russian food has come. I decided to cook cabbage pie and my Russian friend had an initiative to cook traditional Russian sup Borsh with beetroot.
Cabbage pie is made from vegetable and yeast pastry. Cabbage is quenched with milk and sugar. Girls said that they really enjoyed such interesting combinations for sweet vegetable.
Additionally, everybody was so pleased with Borsh. And I understood how I am missing my mums food:))
Have a look on the photos!

russian eotorussian eoto 2

Korean dinner

Hey! So each one teach each is not simply about learning vocabulary and grammar? Yura, Jihee and I decided to have national food days : Korean and Russian. We will cook to each other and try the food!
Firstly, my girls decided to introduce me to their cuisine. The dishes were Pajeon and Bullgogi. First one remains pancake, it is made of mixed water, eggs, flour, spices  and vegetables. Delicious. This became one of my favorite dishes. I was told that pajeon is a traditional food for rainy days in Korea. Soya source is an additive. But from my point of view, these pancakes are even tasty by themselves.
Bullgogi is pork with vegetables and souces. Tasty as well! Really interesting mixture of spices.
Here are the pictures. Gamsa hamnida (=thank you) to Jihee and Yura!

korean eoto 3korean eoto 2korean eoto

To become smart

I’ll write about our Eoto meeting which occured on 7th of October.

It was time to learn Korean again! This time my personal tutor was Jiyoon. All the things she taught me were new to me so I was struggling a bit during the meeting. At first we started to tackle grammar for “I think it’s…”, “~한 것 같다”. For example, (looking out a window) “I think it’s cold” and “I think it’s difficult”.

The next thing was learning how to say “(subject) becomes (adjective)”, “-아 -어 여지다”. For example “This class became difficult”: “이 수업은 어려워 졌다”. The sentence was my idea because at this point things really got hard!

We also covered how to say you’re good at something and how to ask someone’s favorite celebrity (one of my favorite topics haha).

Last week on 14th we didn’t have a class and we’ll miss it this week too, but we’re planning to hold a meeting on 30th. Maybe an opportunity to throw a Halloween party? We’ll see!

Teaching Finnish & Learning Korean

My group which consists of three Chinese members, two Korean members and me, a Finnish member.

Actually we already met last week on Friday at TAMK, but I forgot to write a post so I’m now posting about two of our meetings at once. On Friday we started with the basics of Finnish, like greetings, colors, and some easy verbs and nouns. However I feel like it was sooooo much material, the studied things kept adding up during the meeting and in the end even I was tired. Still, I felt proud when my students could say “Hi, my name is –. I’m from –. My hometown is –. My bag is (color). Nice to meet you” in Finnish. I have to plan the next meeting carefully so I don’t get sidetracked and teach too much at once!

Today we met at 12 in the afternoon at TAMK and had a Korean class instead. We divided the group in two. Me and Jimin were a pair and Tengfei, Wenquan and Jiyoon were a group. The guys have never studied Korean before but I’m not a beginner in Korean anymore so that’s why we had to divide.

Today I learnt so much really useful stuff, for example prepositions, new verbs and grammar (for example: I must, I have to –). Now I just have to use them regularly to properly memorize them.

Next week it’s time to learn Finnish again. I’d like to change our learning environment soon, and go to a cafe for example. Maybe after we’ve learnt how to ask for a cup of tea…

beginning of ru

Hey hey

We are a group of three girls : Jihee, Yra and Daria. Languages we learn and teach are (South, of course) Korean and Russian.

For the first meeting, we decided not to create anything outstanding and we had lesson at tamk library. This session was for Russian. Since it was an introduction lesson girls were styding the alphabet.  I was reading aloud and they were repeating.  After they become quite fluent in letters and sounds, girls wrote their names using russian letters. In the end we just went throug basic words :

Hi-  привет (privet)
Good-хорошо (harasho)

We will focus on alphabet and pronunciation  on future meetings.

I like the way how my girls are interested in learning Russian. This is my biggest motivation to prepare materials and to search for ideas of teaching.

and here we are on the picture. I have no clue why but our faces are shining11992272_818460111602161_183630868_n

Last meeting

3rd of May I made last meeting with Olha. We met at night in city and went to pub. It was cold night since I wear spring costume. So we quickly went inside of pub and had chatting about why she start to have interest to Korea. and what I learned during this exchanging time. I didn’t teach Korean in this time but it was really comfortable last meeting. I was surprised because the chance she are interested to Korea was nice friends met in good timing. I also get interested to some countries during this exchange student time usually because of nice friends having open mind from there. I enjoyed this Each one Teach one program with Olha (especially because of you! ) and hope we will see in Korea next year! I will miss Tampere and You, Olha. See you again!


Korean Fairy tale

In Tamko office on April 9th I met Olha. at that time we talked about Korean fairy tale,

햇님 달님(The Sun and Moon). It is old fairy tale of Korea. the synopsis of it is a young bro and sister living with their grandmother in middle of the forest meet danger with a tiger already had eaten their grandma and finally became sun and moon by helping of God. This is really famous fairy tale in Korea as rotten knot which God also gave to tiger, but makes it die. This fairy tale has typical theme the good triumphing over the evil.  Olha and I watched video together. and In the video I can show Korean traditional housing and clothes to Olha.



Last Meetingㅠㅠㅠ

Today was the last meeting of EOTO course. We met in the bar and spent nice time chatting. We were talking about the time we spent together, which flew very fast. I am really happy that I met Yoon Soo, she became a nice friend for me. I’m really thankful for teaching me Korean, I improved my language skills so much because of her help! I know about Korean culture, traditions and lifestyle more as well, and I tried some new Korean food.

Also we discussed our future plans – Yoon Soo’s internship and my exchange in Korea. It was a bit sad meeting because we need to say “bye” to each other, but still we will meet in Tampere one more time before Soo’s departure to home country. And I’m looking forward to my exchange semester in Seoul, there are a lot of things we could do together there!


Meeting #3

For the third time, we met up at Vohvelikahvila in the city. Between this meeting and the previous one two weeks had passed, due to me having some family issues I had to take care of. I resolved to get back into teaching Finnish properly, so I prepared a printout with vocabulary beforehand to give to everyone, which we could use as a base for learning.

I suggested meeting up at Vohvelikahvila, because two of us had meetings we needed to get to later on and being in the city would make it easier. Also, Vohvelikahvila is one of the best cafés in Tampere, with delicious home-made waffles. Everyone loved it! We were able to get the corner spot with the sofas, so it was really comfortable and almost like being at home.

During this lesson, we decided to combine our Finnish and Korean lessons together, by going over the vocabulary list in both languages. This meant that I would prepare the list beforehand in English and Finnish, then during the lesson we would practice the pronunciation of the Finnish words and translate them into Korean. We quickly realized that some words couldn’t be translated properly, as they are more culture-specific and either are not used in the other culture, or simply have a different meaning there. Still, it was very much fun going over the list and talking about each word. If there was a deeper cultural meaning to it, or fun background stories about how to use it, then we’d spend a moment talking about that. My previous Japanese studies really helped me out on some points of the Korean language, and enabled me to pick up the grammar pretty quickly. Some words were similar too, though they were pronounced slightly differently (and of course written in an entirely different writing system).

I also tried introducing the Korean alphabet to this lesson, and got some help with deciphering how to use it. However, I quickly realized that the best way I’d learn it is to go over it on my own time, because it’s a completely different writing system from the ABCs I’ve learned before, so I’d need to repeat it every day to remember it better. During our lessons I would concentrate on pronunciation of words along with learning new words. Learning pronunciation is best with native speakers helping out. It’s something I wouldn’t be able to do on my own at home anyway, since there would be nobody to correct me.

We spent a very fun time at the café and then walked together for a bit afterwards, talking about Korean popular culture. I was really excited to be learning new things about Korean culture, and it also helped me to get a better understanding of the things I’d already learned through watching Korean TV-shows. Of course, reality isn’t the same as TV, so it was fun learning the differences.

Here are the Word-documents that we used during our meeting. We ended up going through both of them, so that the first one could also be translated into Korean. The first one has words from our second meeting, which I put together after it and handed out to everyone this time, and the second one has new words put together for this meeting:

finnish lesson 1

finnish lesson 2

24.04. Meeting #10. The last one :(

On the last meeting with Hyun Ssong we decided that it could be nice to practise dialogues in Korean again. Especially, because I know that it is very important for me to know how to order meal in Korean, as last time he told me that there is almost nobody who can speak fluent English in Korean cafes. So we decided to practise it again. As well as, we practised some names of dishes and it turned out to be so, that I know many exotic korean dishes, which I am not able to buy at students’ cafeterias. So Ssong told me some other dishes names and it was very funny, that everytime he said some name of korean dish he was very excited about it and told me that I definitely have to try it and that he misses his national food a lot.

After practising different dialogues. We practised English with him.
Ssong told me about his future plans,  his future graduation from home university and dreams to move to Europe. He has spanish friends, so he really wants to live in Spain, that is why he even started to learn some Spanish language and it was very interesting for me to hear, as I speak some basic Spanish as well.
Overall, our meeting was a little bit sad, as I knew that we will not meet again for our interesting EOTO meetings and soon he will go back to South Korea. But we agreed that next spring we will meet again in Korea and travel together to the beach in city Busan.
So I really hope it was not our last meeting with him.