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Winter(-ish) swimming

It’s time for little culture again after all the exams and heavy reading.  Finally the weather started to be little colder for the winter swimming experience, so our meeting took place at Kaupinojan sauna. It’s a public sauna near Tamk facilities in Kauppi-forest, for more information click Kaupinojan sauna above.

Sauna was approximately +90 celcius, outdoors temperature was +3 celcius and the lake was +4 celcius. After a soft beginning everyone did great and Thomas was even swimming a long time in the lake like a pro! It was fun to show this side of sauna for the guys, because even though many Finns have their own sauna in the flat, house or cellar of a apartment building people still go to public saunas. I go there regularly once a week. It’s a lot more crowded and loud not calm and serene like sauna is often imagined. It is a social place where to meet friends or people also go there alone, it doesn’t matter.

Here at Kaupinojan sauna is possible to swim in the lake through out the year. And that’s the main reason people go there, dipping into the lake after sauna or even swim in the lake.

#4 sauna time

Hello everyone!

On Wednesday, Ugo and I went to Lapinkaari for a public sauna. The sauna is not really in Lapinkaari but very close, at the lake precisely. That one of the best experience I have tried so far in Finland.

The main goal was not only to go sauna but also to go for a bath in the lake. The outside temperature was -1 degree and I really didn’t know how would I go outside in swimsuit…
But after a 120 degrees sauna we managed quite well to go swim. Even if it was for 2 seconds the feeling is awesome and I recommend this to any of you guys whom haven’t tried it yet!


Ugo and me are really good friends and being in the sauna was a great moment to chat about everything going on in our life. It was really pleasant to feel like a real Finnish for one night 😉

Some of the vocab we used was pretty basic such as:

I am cold = J’ai froid
I am hot = J’ai chaud
I am too hot/cold = J’ai trop chaud/froid
Lake = Lac
Swim = Nager
The view = La vue
Water = Eau