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The last one…

For the last meeting of EOTO, we decided to go for a walk through Tampere! The sun is finally shinning again and is not to cold anymore 🙂

We walk around thinking about all the words and culture we have exchange during this 5 months, and let me tell u…. it was fun doing this each one teach one course.

So we stopped in front of different places around the city and we teach each other the names in Spanish and French.

For example:

Butcher: Carnicero, Boucher

Bakery: Panaderia, Boulangerie

Restaurant: Restaurante, Restaurant

Bridge: Puente, Pont.

Hairdresser: Peluquero (SP), Coiffeur (FR)

Supermarket: Supermercado, Supermarché

Clothing store: Tienda de ropa, Boutique de vetements

If u want to learn more here u can find more places in french-spanish



Thank you to Emilie for being my EOTO partner! 🙂 and see u around!

Night tour in Tampere


On November 24, Mari and Joonas and I had a night short tour around city center at Tampere. It was very cold for me on that day’s night. We gathered in front of McDonald’s near keskstori at 18:00 and at first went to a big Christmas tree in center square. The Christmas tree was ornamented with illuminations. I watched such big Christmas tree for the first time, so I was extremely impressed!!! And also, I wondered how it has been carried here.

We took a photo all of us there and decided to go to a Finnish souvenir shop!


On our way to there, I learned Finnish from Mari and Joonas with some shop signs or advertisements. For example, I learned like

nyt = now” “ale = sale” “sata = hundred ” “tori = market or square” “jouloku = Christmas tree” “keskus = center” “saving = säästö” and so on.

Then, I could understand the meaning of “keskustori (= keskus + tori) is center square




Unfortunately some souvenir shops already closed. Therefore we went to KOSKIKESKUS. In there, we saw an interesting advertisement.



The advertisement was reflected to mist from a projector.


AINUTLAATUINEN MEDIAPINTA NYT MYYNNISSÄ!” means “unique media surface now on sale!

In there, we went to the Tiger and bookstore and then I learned words from a lot of stuff that is an eraser and diary, belt and so on


And we could see that some buildings was painted by light when we walked outside.


Particularly, the light painting of the place that Joonas recommended in the last was looked like being REALLY painted the building with. I was so excited!




Lastly, we went to the LidL and bought some foods with learning a vegetable’s name.

I usually bought eggplant without understanding the price, but could know the price because I understood the name on that day! I was very glad!!!

And I ate Finnish traditional bread and was over on that day. Though souvenir shop was closed, but we could see some light ups that we can see only at night and learn about a lot of words and culture! I spent so great night with awesome partners!! Kiitos, Mari and Joonas!


Kiitos 🙂

Meeting at Sokos



On November 20, I met Joonas as Each One Teach on that day and Mari couldn’t make it because she was busy. Joonas and I went to a cafe of the top floor of the Sokos near keskustori. And he had some questions about some Japanese words, so I explained it to solve his question almost on that day. Those words were “傾向(Keikou)” like tendency or “物価(Bukka)” like price, “するように(Suruyouni)” like imperative sentence but include other some meanings. He also wanted to know not only meanings but also how to use these words, so I gave an explanation to him with a specific example one by one.

I could learn these words at the same time also for me, because, I think, it was difficult for Japanese people, too. For about two hours, I taught some words and grammar that he didn’t understand. Then I heard a story when he went to travel to Japan. That was so interesting!!

I want to guide a lot of place in Japan to Mari or Joonas sometime if they come to Japan!!!!


We went to the supermarket in the basement of Sokos before we went to the cafe.

Then there is sampling of ice cream at the moment! Because I wanted to eat some sweets, I’m so happy when we found that!! In addition, I learned some Finnish then. Like the following.

Ice cream = jäätelö

Peanut = maapähkinä



This photograph is the bread that Joonas bought at supermarket. It was very delicious! Also today, I spend a great time in Each One Teach One!

Kiitos 🙂

My 6th meeting


I post about my sixth meeting. On November 12, we chose Mari’s apartment as the meeting place. It was near from my apartment to Mari’s apartment, but it was very cold on that day so I felt serious hard. Today, I learned Finnish all time.


This photograph is when Mali and Joonas wrote a notebook eagerly to teach Finnish clearly.


Firstly, I learned about a direction. It is to be useful when I ask someone a course.I widely learned about a direction from basic words like “Right = oikea” or “Left = vasen” to “To the right = oikealle” or “To the left = vasemmalle” and so on.


Walk ahead and then turn left = Kävele eteenpäin ja sitten käänny vasemmalle

Walk ahead 100m and then turn left = Kävele sata metriäeteenpäin ja sitten käänny vasemmalle


And also I learned the sentence that put them together!



Secondly, I learned the word of part of body.

Because it is useful for me if I know and be abele to say these words, for example, when suddenly I have a headache or stomachache and so on. Today, I learned many words, so I’d like not to forget them!

Kiitos 🙂

Yksi kahvi, kiitos.


On 5th of November, Mari and Joonas and I went to café and I taught them Japanese. For us, it was the first time that we have meeting at outside our house! And we have the purpose to practice the Finnish at café on that day.

We gathered in front of a railway station at 18:00 and went to the Torni hotelli sky bar is the top floor of the Torni hotelli (the highest black building) that Joonas recommended from there.

Because the outside was cold, it was very comfortable in the hotel. And also atmosphere of the inside was very stylish. We could overlook a night view of Tampere when we got to the top floor at once! That was so amazing!! In the night view and atmosphere of the bar, both were very very splendid, too! But the bar’s price was slightly high for us, so we decided to go to other café.


Finally, we will have the meeting in Restaurant SEMAFORI where we can drink a coffee with 1 euro. And I ordered coffee in Finnish like the following for the first time here!

Yksi kahvi, kiitos.

Ykusi kiitos. Ole hyvä.

Kiitos, hei

It was an order for only coffee, but was very very very glad when I could say this order!!!!!! In addition, I wanted paper, too, so I ordered it from staff in Finnish.


This is the coffee that I ordered!!!

After that, I told Mari the Japanese numerical expression. As well as how to count numbers, I taught how to read calendar or how to read time on that day.

The Japanese numerical expression is changed by a scene when we use it, so I thought these was difficult for Mari. I taught Jonas some words that he wanted to know. It is really interesting to teach Japanese! Thanks EOTO!

Kiitos 🙂

4th meeting


On October 31, we studied in a Mari’s house. Unfortunately Jongsoo quitted the course because he took a lot of classes and could not make time. However, that day, Joonas who is Finnish guy joined a member as Each One Teach One. So from now, I want to exchange Finland and Japanese language and culture with our three people that Mari and Joonas and I. In addition, I’ve known Joonas before this curse and already we exchange each language and culture!!! It’s mean that I’ve have two teachers of Finnish.

On that day, Mari and Joonas taught me Finnish.


This photograph is when they wrote Finnish in the notebook eagerly to teach me clearly. That’s awesome!


Firstly, Joonas became café’s staff and I tried to order coffee or some stuff to Joonas with remembering how to order that I learned last meeting! I couldn’t order well first, but finally became able to order somehow!!


Secondly, I learned about how to make Finnish interrogatory sentence and the end of a sentence of the word. For example, “maito” becomes “maitoa” in interrogatory sentence. In addition, in the case of the end of a sentence of the word is “~ko”, it is often interrogatory sentence. I learned many words, so I want to try hard as possible as remember all. In addition, we will meet the next meeting in a cafe!


Kiitos 🙂

lesson with drinking vodka


On October 25, Mari and Jongsoo and I met as our third meeting. We chose a Mari’s apartment as the place of the study on that day.

Because there is about five minutes from Lapinkaari where Jongsoo and I lived in, it was so near! But Jongsoo and I were lost a little because there were a lot of buildings.


On that day, also we studied Finnish and Japanese! Firstly, we started to study Finnish. At first I learned about Finnish greetings. Because I thought that the greetings is the words that are important in any country, it was good that I could learn that! Because there are the words that matched in the time like “good evening = hyvää iltaa” or “hello = hyvää päivää”, I want to use them positively to remember from now on!

Then, I learned a word that vegetables and fruit or a word that is used when we go to cafe! In addition, I learned Finnish of the beer that was the most important to us!

It is “beer = olut”!

And finally, I learned how to ask for coffee in the cafe. I hardly go to a cafe, but want to order it in Finnish early! Surely the latter half of the meeting could go to a cafe. I look forward to the day!

After learned Finnish, I taught Japanese in Mari and Jongsoo about review “hiragana” and numerical how to count. After all, I felt that we need more time to learn, because Japanese is a little bit difficult.


This photograph is the juice that mixed vodka with the drink of the berry which Mari’s mother made.

While Each One Teach One, Mari gave Jongsoo and me it! It was easy to drink very much and it was fruity and so delicious!!!

Kiitos 🙂

Lesson start!!!

On October 6, Mari and Jongsoo and I learned Finnish and Japanese! We chose the Lapinkaari where we studied. Because of Lapinkaari is the place that Jongsoo and I live in! I take the Finnish class, but I’m beginner, Mari and Jongsoo are also Japanese beginners.

Firstly I taught Japanese in Mari and Jongsoo. The contents, which I told, are the “hiragana” which is like the Japanese alphabet. I made a list to be easy to understand the “hiragana” and taught pronunciation. Because Japanese was different from English, it seemed to be difficult for Mari and Jongsoo who learned for the first time. This time I told only these, because I wanted to take time for teaching the “hiragana” on that day.


After I told that, I had them practice writing a hiragana letter. I had them write the name of the Jongsoo and Mari as word and the name of an airplane or the bus and so on! I was surprised because they could wrote “hiragana” very well!! That’s great!!


Secondly, Jongsoo and I learned Finnish from Mari. Because the Finnish alphabet resembled English very much, it was easy to understand! However, I practiced pronunciation many times because some pronunciation like “ä” and “y” was difficult! After that, Jongsoo and I learned the  numerical expression from Mari. The numerical expression of Finnish was the same as Japanese, so it was extremely easy to understand.


Because Mari is good at teaching, so I’m very happy!! I want to learn Finnish steadily from now on!

Spanish movie night!

We had been talking about watching a movie in spanish for long but finally we did today! We went to see Gloria at Niagara Arthouse Cinema.


Is a chilean-spanish comedie-drama movie, set in Santiago de Chile, about a cool older woman and her messy love life. I like it, was a good movie with a surprising ending.


It was great to go there because it was the first time I went to this cinema and I thought it has a nice atmosphere plus it is not so expensive 😉

Also because Emilie had chance to hear another of the multiple spanish accents of this world, the chilean accent while we ate a box of chocolates filled with liqueur.


At the end of the movie we discuss some chilean spanish words we where able to hear and I explain what they mean to Emilie.

guagua: baby

guata: belly

po’: pues

weon: tonto in argentina

fome: boring

tipo: a dude

Great movie! Great meeting!

Gloria in imbd: www.imdb.com/title/tt2425486/

Let’s talk about french!

Qué hacén boludos!

This meeting took place in UTA’s cafeteria and we had coffee & tea there.

I like this lesson, we finally had some french!
Emilie teach me how to say Hello and Bye in french, both formal and informal ways.  And also she try to teach me some pronunciation because even if you know the word in french if u can’t pronunce it is almost as if u didn’t know it at all, cause people won’t understand you anyways :P.


  • AI, É, È, Ë, Ê = slightly different Finnish E sound
  • E, EU = pronounced same way as Finnish Ö
  • AN – EN = similar sound not existing in Finnish language but kind of “Awww” sound
  • ge, gi, gy = g as j sound
  • ga, go, gu = hard g sound

Then I learn some basic french sentences such as “What time is it?” “How much does this cost?” “Where is….?” “Where are…?” 🙂 totally important if I want to visit France, hopefully soon!

Also we had some time to talk a bit more about Argentina’s foods ( we eat mostly italian, and spanish foods) and when did we change the original spanish to “our” spanish (18th century).

And saw some of Dustin Luke’s Youtube Videos, he’s a gringo (from USA) but lives in Buenos Aires. He posted this videos about him talking argentinian and is amazing how can he imitate the argentinian accent.

Ah! Important note: almost all latin americans hate when people say “Americans” to people from USA, America is a continent, we are all Americans! 🙂

Once again…great lesson!