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The last meeting: Site and Task Planning

This was our last meeting. The topic was the most professional we have had. We had one course together, Site and Task Planning. The course was held in Finnish and we had also few exchange students on the course with us. The teacher asked me to take care of few exchange students and translate the stuff in English. I accepted the challenge.


I felt it difficult because it was quite hard to understand the teaching even in Finnish. Teacher was speaking quite fast and of course I missed something every now and then.

After all, all the exercises and the final project became done.


Here are listed some words translated from Finnish to English to German:

ikkuna window Fenster
ovi door Tür
turvallisuus safety Sicherheit
sähkö electricity Elektrizität
puu wood Holz
maaperä soil Erde
korkea high Höhe
leveä width Breite
pitkä lenght Länge
tehtäväsuunnittelu task planning Planungsaufgabe
aluesuunnitelma site plan Lageplan
telinesuunnitelma scaffolding plan Gerüst Plan
turvallisuussuunnitelma safety plan Sicherheitsplan
määräluettelo bill of quantities Aufmaß

Meeting #12: Adiós Amigos

After 4 months in a foreign country were we have lived through a bunch of new and crazy, fun and sad, mentionable and better not mentioned situations and experiences we finally stepped on one of our last milestones. The last meeting of each one teach one has come. And what place would be better as location as the bar we had met the first time, even before each one teach one began – Ravintola Mallashovi. During our time here in Tampere this bar has become to one of our favorite places in the city. With its charme, calmness, variety of pub games and cheap drinks it had owned the german title “Stammkneipe”.
And so we went there on this Thursday evening. Talking about the time here, playing games and thinking about our meetings we had. For myself it was really astonishing, how fast the time passed from our first meeting at the football game until today. We also came to some conclusions. One of it was that Spanish is definitely easier to learn and teach than German. Not only grammar and vocabulary are quite difficult but pronunciation as well. You also have think of the fact that spoken German differs a lot, depending on the area were you want to travel to and the several dialects are often very hard to understand. I think that´s something, someone who really wants to learn it has to consider. Another point was the documentation of our meetings. I think it would have helped if we had something like an agenda in the beginning of every meeting that somehow could have given a line for us on which we could a bit orientate. On the other side that maybe would have destroyed our free and collaborative working attitude. Last but not least some words to the planning of the meetings. I guess we all have made the experience that especially in the end of the semester the time for the meetings got less and less. Since everyone was much clamped to his tasks, exams and presentations for university. The arrangement of the last meetings we had was always kind of stressful because it was hard to figure out a good date. So as a conclusion of that we would say, it would have been better if we had started earlier and much more frequent. Netherless we managend it and brought it to an appropriate end. The rest of the evening we spent playing darts – a game that can get very dangerous if you play it with Oscar 😀 (insider joke) and also one game that we all will miss very much cause we don´t have it in Germany – Tablecurling.
So that was my each one teach one experience. And as difficult it is for an author to find a good ending line for his book it is difficult for me to find one for this blog. I just want to thank the whole each one teach one – team because you make it possible for us to get these extraordinary experience. And I also want to thank my team, which in this time here became my friends. I will miss you all guys and I really hope to see you again!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel , only read  a single page of it .”
Augustinus Aurelius

Our last meeting

So, yesterday we met last time:( And we summarised all of our stories. It was great experience for me, to talk with people from other countries, heard their stories about their citizens,nature, traditions, cuisine. Even if u go to Czech Republic or Hong Kong as a tourist- you never can not see it like citizens of countries. Big thanks to girls that they gave me this interesting chance to know their culture:)

Last Meeting

We had our last meeting in Kahvilla again, because it is cosy place and it’s not far from Satu’s and my place. We started the conversation with the activities that we have been doing for the last weeks. I’m living in Toas City with other exchange students and as the spring semesters comes to an end, we give a lot of goodbye-parties. It’s hard to see your friends leaving after living together for four or five months. Satu told me about her job in the pub and about her summer job. She will work on summer festivals and she is very excited about it.

Satu prepared a small test about Finnish language and culture. The test contained 7 questions and I was able to answer 5 questions correctly. I almost knew the answers to the two other questions.

  1. What is the approximate population of Tampere


  1. What are the names of the two ice-hockey teams of Tampere

Tappara and Ilves (the last one I forgot, because I cheered for Tappara) 

  1. How do you say in spoken Finnish ‘minä olen’.

Mä oon (I forgot this too, because I always speak the written language)

  1. Name three traditional Finnish foods

Mustamakkara, cloud berry jam, karelian pie

  1. How do you order a beer in a Finnish pub?

Moi, (yksi) olut kiitos. 

  1. What is the filling in Karelian pier

Rise, eggs, butter


After the test we spoke about our plans in the future and I told Satu that she had to visit me when she would be on her exchange next year. She’s going to the Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but she promised that she would visit Belgium too. It is not that far anyway. I told her that I could guide her some Flemish cities and that I could show her interesting places in Belgium.

I enjoyed this course very much and I think it was very interesting to learn something about Finnish habits and culture. I liked it to teach my own language and I enjoyed to show off my country.

24.04. Meeting #10. The last one :(

On the last meeting with Hyun Ssong we decided that it could be nice to practise dialogues in Korean again. Especially, because I know that it is very important for me to know how to order meal in Korean, as last time he told me that there is almost nobody who can speak fluent English in Korean cafes. So we decided to practise it again. As well as, we practised some names of dishes and it turned out to be so, that I know many exotic korean dishes, which I am not able to buy at students’ cafeterias. So Ssong told me some other dishes names and it was very funny, that everytime he said some name of korean dish he was very excited about it and told me that I definitely have to try it and that he misses his national food a lot.

After practising different dialogues. We practised English with him.
Ssong told me about his future plans,  his future graduation from home university and dreams to move to Europe. He has spanish friends, so he really wants to live in Spain, that is why he even started to learn some Spanish language and it was very interesting for me to hear, as I speak some basic Spanish as well.
Overall, our meeting was a little bit sad, as I knew that we will not meet again for our interesting EOTO meetings and soon he will go back to South Korea. But we agreed that next spring we will meet again in Korea and travel together to the beach in city Busan.
So I really hope it was not our last meeting with him.

Last meeting

For our last meeting we went to Stockmann, once a again. This time we went through the household items. Those were mostly some furniture (especially electricity) and items related to eating and sleeping. A fun coincidence was that the Swedish and Russian words for plates were very similar.

After teaching and learning new words intensively we went to get some coffee and refresments and caught up about our winter holidays. We ended up talking about the Christmas and New Year traditions both in Finland and in Russia.

Though the countries are close each other, the traditions are different and the holidays don’t have that much in common. It was interesting to hear from another ways to celebrate. We also discussed about how the holidays have changed from the past years and how gifts are more and more important in the celebration. We agreed how the best thing about the holiday was spending time with our families.

hepat moskova

Each One Teach One was an interesting course and it was fun to learn and teach. I learned much more than I ever thought I would – and I enjoyed learning a new language so much I’m sure I’ll try to learn a 4th language. That I’m not sure if it will be Russian or something else. But learning Russian left a little sparkle inside me, so perhaps I’ll travel there someday and hopefully I’ll learn some more of the language before that.

Last meeting

Our time in Finland is going to finish so Sanne and I decided to meet for the last time of our lessons in the campus, to check what we have learned and to say goodbye.

As a student it has been quite harder than what I thought to learn a new language with few hours and few chance to practice it in everyday life (it has been the same problem with Finnish indeed). About Dutch I will rememer probably several grammar rules but the sound is quite complicated and there are too many exceptions to remember. It has been very interesting to discover the culture of the Netherlands, learning from a native, as Sanne, is always much better ’cause she can emphatize which elements are real and which other are stereotype.

As a teacher it has been a great experience. Not only for what I taught, but for what I learned, from many points of view. from a linguistic point of view I realized which are the most difficult aspects of my language (i.e. verb conjugation, numbers) and which are easier than what I thought (accordance noun-adj.), and which are quite easy (reading, pronunciation except for letter -c, -s, -g).

But the best part for me was to re-discover how proud of my country I am, how many nice and funny aspects we have. It’s not normal for an Italian in those days, trust me. to prepare our lessons I was looking for what are the features of Italy, and I found that  when Italian people try to do something well, they can get the best, they just have to apply. From cooking to singing, from natural landscape to poetry.

This is probably the best earning I will bring with me  after this course AFTER, of course, the friendship with Sanne, a very young, talented girl who I really enjoyed to meet every time. I was always happy to have our meeting, thank to her positivity and kindness. Thank to TAMK’s EOTO then, but thank to you Sanne, really. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody, have a great life you all people!

Last but fun meeting

Friends of mine came from Spain to spend the last days with me here, so I decided to invite Melanie to a group meeting and let her practice her Spanish! It was awesome, I had so much fun playing all together “pictionary”, in Spanish of course. Melanie did really great identifying many many words, as always I’m proud of her! We spent two and half hours, and time flies when having fun…

Anyway, my conclusion about the whole course is very positive. It is a creative,  fun and useful idea, that I enjoyed so much these months. I realized that teaching Spanish is not that easy because there many things we say but we don’t really know why is it like that. I think it was the same for Melanie, however she was a nice teacher thou! The main conclusion about German is that the pronunciation is very difficult to me, I know it’s not that hard, but sometimes I have to struggle with it.

So this is it, I will miss her so much… I hope I will see her in Spain when she goes to work there!


The last meeting

There was a gig of a Finnish band Voimaryhmä in Doris the other night. I had no clue this band exists but it’s always nice to get to know some new music! And this band is straight outta Tampere! It was a happy night since the audience in the bar was on a very good mood and we couldn’t avoid some beer showers and broken glass. The music itself was very energetic and easy to dance and jump around.

This was actually our last meeting because it was time for Markus to fly back to Germany. I really enjoyed the EOTO course and I’m happy I participated. My target in the beginning was to learn some German small talk as I can learn the grammar and rules at school. I reached my goal since now I’m more confident in speaking German and I’m able to make  a sentence without thinking about it for five minutes first. And I also got a nice friend 🙂

So danke schön EOTO und auf Wiedersehen!
Es war mir eine Freude!