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4th meeting: Kokkoa koko kokko kokoon

On Thursday we had our fourth meeting at Sabrina’s and mine appartment. Sora and Jaana taught Alexandre, Sabrina and me a bit of Finnish.

As I have already been in the Basics of Finnish Intensive course I have already known a bit of the things Jaana and Sora taught us, but I leant plenty of new things like the funny Finnish sentence: Kokkoa koko kokko kokoon which means Build the whole bonfire up together or the funny word Juoksentelisinkohan which means I wonder if I should run around aimlessly. Finnish is even more funny than I have ever imagined and having some beers makes it even funnier.

I have also learnt sentences for daily conversation which I decided to put in a little dialogue:)

B: Hyvää huomenta. – Good morning

B: Huomenta. – Morning

A: Mitä sinun nimi on? – What’s your name?

B: Olen Christine. Entä sinä? – I am Christine. And you?

A: Olen Anna. – I am Anna.

B: Miten menee?  – What’s up?

A: Eipa erikoista. – Nothing special.

B: Okay. Nähdään pian. – Okay. See you soon.

A: Nähdään. Hei sitten. – See you. Bye then.