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The ninth meeting

After a long long pause of meetings we finally had time to continue the course again! We met at the bottom floor of Sokos and had some delicious salad. We sat there for like two and a half hours and just talked about everything. This time Ida spoke Swedish and I Finnish. Here’s a little list of some words we translated:

Anoppi – svärmur – mother-in-law
Appiukko – svärfar – father-in-law
Jouluaatto – julafton – Christmas Eve
Joulukuusi – julgran – Christmas tree
Tapaninpäivä – annandag jul – boxing day
Joululahja – julklapp – Christmas gift
Joulupuuro – tomtegröt/julgröt ( – ”Christmas porridge”/ rice porridge)

I definitely noticed that we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, because I had some problems understanding everything Ida said in the beginning. Ida noticed too that she had to slow her pace of speech so that I could get what she’s saying.

After getting used to hearing Swedish again, I realized that I have gotten so much better in understanding the language and being able to get the main points out of Ida’s speech, even though I wouldn’t understand every single word of it.

Next meeting is our last one, and we’ll be ending the course just the way we started it, in the Fazer Café!


Waterday @TAMK

We met on Wednesday at school because there was waterday event. Jisoo had made water cakes, whitch was made only from gelatin, sugar and water, and it was served with maple syrup. I think it was funny dessert, tasted like water!


We went to listen seminar in auditorium about “Water Services in Global Perspective”. It was interesting to listen, something different than what we normally study at school.

After the seminar we went to have some luch and discussed about different cultures and travelling.
It was nice to meet during school day!