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Cooking a Malaysian typical dish

Last Monday, we met at Loy’s apartment to try the Malaysian typical dish with the ingredients we bought in the last meeting.

When we arrived to his apartment, he had already started cooking, and at finally it was him who cooked everything.

These are the dishes he cooked:

  • 酿豆腐 (yong tau foo) = Meat with aubergine.
  • 炒菜心 (chao cai xin) =  Stir fried vegetable.
  • 米粉汤 (mi fen tang) = Noodles soup with meat.
  • He also made a chili and soy sauce to attach to the dishes.

To drink, we had a Spanish and a Chilean wine.

Loy  spent a great deal of time cooking the dishes; he studies Hospitality Management, so everything that he cooked was delicious.

While we were eating the food, we talked about the differences between Malaysian, Spanish and German table manners.

We could know that in Malaysian culture it’s not impolite to drink the soup from bowl, something that would be badly seen in the Spanish and German cultures.

Loy also told us that in Malaysia, as in Spain and Germany, it’s impolite making noise when sipping the soup.

It was a funny meeting (it’s always fun meeting with friends, especially if it’s to eat delicious dishes). Looking forward to try new dishes!