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Have a sightseeing!

Last time we went to the Pyynikki Observation Tower(1.10.2018) and it was surrounded with forest.I didn’t know this beautiful palace if Jenny didn’t told me.And it was a tower which has a long time history,we can choose to climb the stairs or use the lift to the peak.At first time ,we chose the former way,but we chose the latter way when we got to the tower again.Of course,you can see the whole sightseeing of Tampere which was the same as the tower in Tampere amusement park.

We also went around the tower in the forest and some places had many rocks .And we can see the see the scenery in the distance when stood on that rocks.By the way,we took the photo at one of the places of rocks.We also found some mushrooms whether we didn’t they was poisonous or not. We picked them by bags not by hand.Jenny said that this season was suitable to pick mushrooms in the forest but we can’t distinguish them between good and bad.

At the end of our meeting,Jenny taught us some words in Finnish  which were often used in autumn ,such as fallen leaves,tree,trunk and so on.We decided to meet at Sokos next time to learn something new.