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‘True Finns’, the 7th meeting

We had our seventh meeting on April 23rd in O’Connells. There was a stand-up show called ‘True Finns’ which concentrated basically in making fun of Finnish habits and stereotyphical manners. The elections had just been on the last week so they spoke quite a lot about politics and then later on about Vappu which was just around the corner.

In my opinion this was quite a funny way to learn about Finnish culture and habits. The hosts were good and show was surprisingly funny actually. In the end I was happy that we chose to go there. Comparing then Finnish and German cultures based on stand-up was easier than I expected and it was good to talk about the cultural differences for a change.

The language is a part of the culture and therefore in my opinion it is good to understand and know something about the way of life to be able to have an understanding where the language is coming from. For example, in Finnish there are several words for snow and we can name ‘types of snow’ in more words than in other languages.

Some fun

We went to O’Conells Pub to watch the comedy show “True Finns” which has nothing to do with the same- called party. It was very entertaining to hear about some Finnish stereotypes. The American host and his Finnish counterpart are very entertaining.  Finnish surnames often have a meaning like “Island hill” or “God of the forest”.  It also seems like there is a god for Sauna in Finland!? Also I learnt some more about the upcoming event of Vappu. I also attended the traditional baptising of the Finnish students which was very entertaining to watch for some time.