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Last meeting: Spanish food, Paella!

Before we made traditional Korean and Finnish food was time for Spanish food and I decided to make chicken paella for Haley.

First we met in my apartment in Lapinkaari and we practice Spanish the class was a vocabulary lesson, I explained to Haley how to pronounce different places in Spanish like Escuela (School), Bar (Bar), Biblioteca (library), Estación de tren (train station), Mercado (market), librería (book shop)…

The pronunciation of Haley was really good, she could understand all the Spanish sounds and pronounce them. Finally, she asked me all the questions that she had about Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

When we finish our Spanish class we started to prepare all the ingredients for the Paella and we went to the share kitchen in Lapinkaari. We made the chicken paella together, I explained to Haley that meat paella is originally from Valencia and my grandmother was from there, so in my family we use to cook this paella on Sunday.

Once the paella was ready we came back to my room and was time to eat it! Was delicious, the flavours were more or less the same as the paella that I cook at home and Haley said that was delicious so I was glad that she like it!

IMG_1283 IMG_1285 IMG_1287 IMG_1288

This is our last meeting for EOTO, because we don’t have more time, but we will try meet again before we will come back to our countries. Was a pleasure teach Spanish to Haley and also learn Korean and Finnish from all my EOTO members. Thanks to Essi, Yeaeun and Haley to be my partners in this course!