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Korean dinner

Hey! So each one teach each is not simply about learning vocabulary and grammar? Yura, Jihee and I decided to have national food days : Korean and Russian. We will cook to each other and try the food!
Firstly, my girls decided to introduce me to their cuisine. The dishes were Pajeon and Bullgogi. First one remains pancake, it is made of mixed water, eggs, flour, spices  and vegetables. Delicious. This became one of my favorite dishes. I was told that pajeon is a traditional food for rainy days in Korea. Soya source is an additive. But from my point of view, these pancakes are even tasty by themselves.
Bullgogi is pork with vegetables and souces. Tasty as well! Really interesting mixture of spices.
Here are the pictures. Gamsa hamnida (=thank you) to Jihee and Yura!

korean eoto 3korean eoto 2korean eoto