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EPISODE 9: Chulapo VS Hereu 

Spain has always been a catholic country and all of our most important regional parties are related with the religion, saints and virgins. Parties are an important part of our culture, so that we decided to choose one from Cataluña and one from Madrid to get deep inside of them and train ourselves in the tradition of our cities.

Well, this is the biggest discovery I’ve made in this course. Do you remember what I’ve said about all the regional parties going around religion? Cataluña regional party doesn’t. Their regional party is about the Catalonian nation. The 11th of September in the morning they go to the Arc de Triomf where you can buy things related to their culture. In the afternoon they go to a demonstration to reclaim their independence and in the night they have outdoors free concerts and parties sponsored by Estrella Damm.

Hereus from Catalunya.

When it was my turn to explain my regional party, San Isidro, I realized that I was a bit lost about what were the typical things to do. We all know about the concerts and the parties of San Isidro but we were not really into the traditional stuff, so teaching Pablo about it made me research a bit and realize that I need to pay more attention to my own tradition before knowing other’s.

Chulapos from Madrid the day of Saint Isidro