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Second meeting: School systems

Hello all, it’s Tiiu again (I mean really again, since I’m writing this straight after my last post). Our second meeting took place at Tamk. We had decided to talk about school systems and how theyare different, so what would have been better place to do it? I didn’t really know what to expect about the portuguese school system. Like, do they have similiar grades as we do here in Finland? Is it nothing like the finnish school system? I found the subject quite interesting – of course, since it’s quite close to me, being a student. It was both difficult and easy at the same time to explain the finnish school system – there are not many dimensions to it but then again, if the other person knows nothing about it beforehand, it can be hard. Also I really had to practise my english school vocabulary, all the words were lost. Luckily I had Kaisa there so we could fill each others phrases when the words didn’t come to mouth.


So, we went with this quite simple model of finnish school system. We, me and Kaisa, had a little difficulties to find the right words for these different “phases” of finnish school system. It’s kinda hard since the words are from english-speaking countries and they have quite different systems there. Anyhow, we explained shortly which schools (or other institutions like that) are mandatory and which are not and a little bit about what happens in each of them (like the grades). We also told and wrote down every phase in finnish – so it was not only about the system but also about the language. We also discussed about grades in rating and found some differences in finnish and portuguese grading system.

Renata walked us through the same stuff in portuguese school system. There were some similarities, but not very obvious ones. You really had to take a proper look to see them. She also did the same, told and wrote the portuguese words for school and grade and others. It was a lot of information and I think I’m gonna have to take a little time to figure it all out or even just to remember all it. But it was interesting for sure!