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A nice cup of tea and German studies

We started to study German language few weeks ago with a nice cup of hot tea in Coffee house. It was really nice to meet a native German speaker and other students who are interested to learn German.IMAG0266

We introduced our selves saying Ich bin/Mein name ist… and also tried to remember some other sentences we had learn before. That way our teacher got an idea how we pronounce and what we already know. I remembered some basic sentences but not enough to have a real conversation. One goal for our study group is to improve our conversation skills so that is very good training for me.

We went through some basic verbs and how to use them. There were a lot of exceptions but some logic I could still find. So I think it is quite possible to learn those and remember which form to use.

We hoped to learn how to write a correct letter and our teacher showed us some examples. Letter should always start and end with certain phrases. Sehr Geerte Damen und Herren is good start and Mit freudlichen GrüBen is a good ending. There is a double s-letter in the middle of the last word but maybe next time I will learn where I could find it from the keyboard :).


First meeting: teach French at Café Europa!

Café Europa

With my partner, Michael Ready, a Scottish guy, we decided to organize our first meeting point at Café Europa the 25th of September. I knew him before this first meeting. In fact, we have the same tutor in TAMK and we decided to do Each One Teach One together. He wants to improve his French and me my English, it is the good deal for us.

It was the first time, I saw him and I spent time with him without our tutor.  I wanted to see his level in French. We took a coffee together and I started to speak in French. We started with the basics in French to remind him because he has stopped french language two years ago. I learnt more about him, where he lives, what he likes, what he studies, why he wants to learn French, about his family, and his whole life in Edinburgh.

To continue this meeting, we moved and we went to Stockmann. I teach him word in French for the different sectors:

PoissonnerieFishmonger’s shop
BoucherieButcher’s shop
ParfumeriePerfume store
MaroquinerieLeather store
Equipement de la maison House equipment
EpicerieGrocer’s shop

Then, in each sector I taught him the words for the principal products.

It was my first time I taught French to someone. It was a good experience for me and I am exciting to meet him again. I really enjoyed to do it. Moreover, it is very interesting to speak with him because it is not only French basics. He has a good accent, he understands very well and for me it is a pleasure to have conversation with him. We decided to speak French during this one and English during the next meeting. We have planned a meeting for Friday afternoon and Saturday evening to go to the sauna.