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City Derby

Today we had our tenth meeting. We went to the Jäähalli and watched the icehockey game between Tappara and Ilves, the two local teams. The best game in the whole season (said the commentator before the game). IcehockeyThe atmosphere was great. The first third ended with no goals, but in the second Ilves made two goals. In the end of the second third Tappara made also a goal, so it was only 1:2. We sat in the fanblock of Tappara, so the people there were really sad. In the last third it seemed that Ilves would win. But 2 minutes before the end Tappara equalized. The fans celebrated this loudly. And just 5 seconds before the end Tappara made another goal and so they won with 3:2! It was a really exciting game!