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Christmas shopping

I met with Sebastian in the city centre on 4th. We mostly talked about some christmas traditions of our countries. Sebastian also wated to learn some of the phrases we use in Finland during holidays, like for example “Hyvää Joulua”.

We also discussed about the Finnish tonttu’s again. Sebasyian seems fairly interested in the lore, I think I need to find some info about them in english. Here’s a picture of a tonttu (elf) that is from Tonttukirja.


We didn’t really do any proper language studies during this meeting, it was more about just doing some christmas shopping and learning about each others cultures.

Hyvää joulua

So I met Erica to do some christmas shopping last week. And again, we ended up talking about the finnish elfes, the “tonttu” that keeps the house clean and takes care of the pets. After our meeting I did some research on that and found out that I actually watched the series called “Tomte Tummetott” from Astrid Lindgren back when I was a child. And the word “tomte” is the swedish “tonttu”, so it is kind of the same elf.

I bought a lot of christmas cards, as they have many different and very funny christmas cards in Finland. Erica told me that it is a very “big business” here and that they even have a special (cheaper) price for the christmas cards during the christmas time. I also learned some finnish from the postcards, like “hyvää joulua” = merry christmas and “ja onnellista uuta vuotta” = and a happy new year.