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7th – Movies and TV

26th of April at Puisto café.

To change things a bit, today we focused on talking about movies and tv shows rather than vocabulary. The movie which stood out the most for me was the first one they mentioned, “Tuntematon sotilas”, so that is definitely on the To Watch pile. On my part it was actually hard to think of tv shows which weren’t soap operas, reality shows or late-night game shows since those are what pops into mind when I think of Portuguese series, Though I managed to think of two movies which one is relevant historically while the other is a comedy which looks into the emigration side of my country.

Seventh meeting: THE movies and TV-shows

Okay this time we thought that maybe we could take a topic that’s a little easier and maybe funnier. We (okay at least I) had had so much work to do so it was a great idea to do something like this. Sooo the topic of the meeting: the most finnish/portuguese movies and TV-shows we could come up with.  You know, those that you just must see. Even though we soon realised that we ourselves A. don’t know what are THE movies and TV-shows and B. after googling them realised we haven’t seem like half of them. But hey, it was still fun!

Okay on the top of our finnish list, I got to mention this. A true Finn has seen Tuntematon sotilas, which translates to Unknown soldier. A movie about a war against Russia, when Finland got its independence. And TV-shows, well the most iconic finnish TV-show has to be Salatut elämät, Secret lives in translation. Also learned that Portugal isn’t that big in the movie/TV-show industry. Not many big movies and the TV-shows were mostly soap operas (okay, what is finnish TV..). But very much reality shows! Thumbs up from me, love it.

Watching German TV

During my vacation in Germany I saw many TV shows. These were for example The Simpsons, The Futurama, The Big Bang Theory and also some news at RTL. Usually it was very difficult to understand anything. Just when people were talking about numbers or very simple sentences I could understood. Only in Simpsons episode I understood more. But obviously it was because I know Simpsons very good in my own language. More useful was when I watched some DVD’s with English subtitles. Then I understood and I caught some new words.

I hope I will find some German movies on internet. I think this is good way to improve my pronunciation because people say I have really strong accent. Especially my sharp “r” is not good for learning German. It was only useful when I had course Basics of Finnish and my “r” was nearly same as Finnish one unlike pronunciation of students from some other countries.