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Waffle times (Fin/Rus)

We had done our seventh meeting. It’s so interesting fact if you start speaking unknown people we could feel more closely after those meetings. The same situation with Ranja we had more official meetings before but now I think it come stay more friendly. 
I know that Ranja is very interesting about visiting Moscow. And I thought it should be great to tell about some places because I have been to Moscow more than 10 times. And she explained to me about adjectives in the Finnish language.
Then we tried to look for different and common in our cultures.

#4 German-Finnish: Kanelikavhi

Kahvi in a super cute waffle shop

Kahvi in a super cute waffle shop

For our next EOTO meeting Sonja and me went to a really cute waffle shop, they had a large collection of tea as well but we decided for the special coffees:

Kanelikahvi (cinnamon coffee) & Kardemummakahvi (cardamom coffee)

We did some repetition from the last time for the vocabulary of weekdays, months and we learned the Finnish and German words for the seasons:

kevät – Frühling – spring

kesä – Sommer – summer

syksy – Herbst – autumn

talvi – Winter

And I could ask Sonja “Milloin sinun syntymäpäivä on?” (When is your birthday?) – “Helmikuula” (In february). Additionally I taught Sonja the four falls in German: Nominativ, Genetiv, Dativ and Akkusativ and all the necessary articles for it. And because it was Monday I learned also:

Minulla on yhä krapula! – I still have a hangover – Ich habe immer noch einen Kater!