Fifth meeting – Finnish/Spanish


We had our 5th meeting today because we have had troubles of finding a perfect time to meet. By now, we only have 2 members in our team, me and Omar since the other 2 have left the course due graduation.

In today’s meeting, me and Omar watched a movie called “Roma”  in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. The movie was very well made. I myself understood almost everything, maybe like 5 words were that I didn´t recognize until Omar translated them to me.

I prefer everyone to watch a movie in different language and just focus on listening and pronounciations. Next time will be in 2 weeks and then we will watch a movie in Finnish :).

Our last meeting!

It’s time for our last meeting and holiday season, so we chose to take it a little more relaxed. Yuiko Finally was able to arrive in Finland, but sadly I had to leave to another city for Christmas. For that reason, the last meeting was also held in moodle. Our meeting took place a couple days after her arrival to Tampere, so I was very curious about her experience so far. I asked if she already found a grocery store where to shop and if there was any problem buying a bus ticket. She told me that the apartment was warmer than she expected and that she will experience the Finnish sauna first time ever that night! In general, we spend the hour just chatting about her experiences and thoughts about Finland so far. I hope the Covid-situation doesn’t get worse, so she can actually study on the TAMK campus, not just do online school. Even though the course is now over, we will definitely meet face-to-face next year after I go back to Tampere!

Our 9th meeting! Japanese sentences

For our second last meeting we did the same thing as before, but this time Yuiko brought some common Japanese sentences that will help me during my Japanese studies. Our meetings structure was similar to last time, so she first said the sentences out loud and then I repeated it. After that, we were thinking about which kinda situations these would be used in. Japanese culture has a variety of politeness levels so you should not use certain words/sentences with people considered above you.

These sentences were

えいごをはなせますか / Do you speak English?

わたしは にほんごがすこししか はなせません/ I only speak a little bit of Japanese.

よくわかります / I understand you perfectly.

なんていいましたか/ What did you say?



More useful words

This time I brought words to our meeting that I thought would be useful for someone who is learning Finnish. We practiced the pronunciation word by word and then used them in a sentence. The words were quite easy to pronounce because Japanese and Finnish have many similar sounds in their languages.

These words were

  • Sisään/Come in
  • Sanoi/Said
  • Pelata/ To play
  • Miksi/Why
  • Työ/ Work
  • Antaa/give
  • Raha/Money


Finnish cultural tips by Joni-sensei

Joni created some tips for actual living in Finland. We discussed the similarities and differences between Finnish and Japanese culture.

I thought the following two were unique:

● Busses won’t stop, unless you wave at them
I have to wave for the bus to stop at the bus station. After my arrival in Finland, I was able to actually see such a scene.

● Some Finnish people don’t like to stay close to each other. Its not because of you!
They generally seem to avoid physically touching or getting too close to strangers.

I thought that individualism was more respected in Finnish culture, but it doesn’t mean they are cold-hearted.

Thanks to Joni’s tips, I could know these customs in advance.

We were finally able to meet!

I arrived in Tampere in mid-December, and I was looking forward to doing face to face with Nadine, Timo and Joni as soon as possible. I contacted them before my arrival, and we decided to meet at a cafe.

Unfortunately, Joni wasn’t there due to his holidays, but we promised to have our session again after winter holidays.

I gave them Japanese snacks as souvenir from Japan. I was surprised that Timo have already known the taste of ‘maccha (抹茶)’. For Nadine, she is familiar with Japanese food, so I gave her a stock cube for making curry and rice (a Japanese home-cooked meal).

Nadine introduced me to one of the ramen shop in Tampere. In Japan, it is recognized that making noise to eat noodles is good in general. However, ‘do in Finland as the Finnish do,’ I should to confirm the custom of Finland. It was kind of uncomfortable for me to eat soundlessly, but I again realized ‘I am in different country’ at that time.

10th and last meeting! Luiza&Emilia

Christmas in Portuguese is Natal and we celebrate on the 24th. Some families eat only at 00h and the celebration starts, we open the gifts etc. There is usually dinner on the 24th and barbeque on the 25th for lunch, lots of parties, and drinks. At every Brazilian Christmas table there will be: farofa (cassava flour), rice with raisins (this is a huge polemic in Brazil, I’m all in for the raisins and my family too), turkey, salpicão (most delicious chicken salad ever), panetone (kind of bread with crystallized fruits or chocolate), rabanada (a dessert made of bread, milk and condensed milk) and many other delicious desserts).

Many times on Christmas we gather with our friend’s families too, nobody is left alone and we are always close with our friend’s families as if we are one family. We like to do and “X-friend” or “dirty friend”, that it would be a secret Santa, the first one is normal and the dirty one we gift each other with stupid stuff only, that makes Christmas even more fun. 

I told Emilia I really like some jouluruoka and she explained to me that here, Christmas foods are often the ones in the “box”, laatikko. My favorite one is perunalaatikko because it’s kind of sweet and goes perfectly with meat in my opinion. We are planning to keep with our Christmas conversation cooking my favorite pastry, joulutorttu.

9th meeting Luiza&Emilia

In this meeting, we talked about Emilia’s thesis. It is about Tantric Life Coach, quite interesting and a new topic for me. I’ve never heard about laughter yoga before and vocabulary-wise, this was all quite difficult and hard for me to remember. Emilia tried to explain to me some Finnish words but this time it was just too much, a topic I was not familiar with at all so it made things a bit harder than usual. 

The Tantric Life Coach, as I was able to understand, is about being present and allowing things to happen in your life. People are often too dramatic and super hard on themselves. I try not to be like that with myself and since I moved to Finland, the kind of life I have here taught me to calm down and take things smoothly. 

It is not easy to face our emotions and it must be really good to help people when it comes to that, giving people relief and helping them to acknowledge their feelings. This work is super interesting and thoughtful I believe. Emilia had 7 customers and they will fill a document about her services so she can use this data in her thesis. I am excited to see what they will talk about, of course, she will have to translate it for me 🙂 She taught me a bit of vocabulary related to her thesis:

Läsnäolo – Presence – Presença

Valmennus – Coaching – Coaching

Keho – Body – Corpo 

Tarve – Need – Necessidade

Tulla kuulluksi ja nähdyksi – To be heard and seen – Ser ouvida e vista

Hyväksyä – Accept / approve – Aceitar/aprovar 

Sallia – Allow – Permitir

Trauma – Trauma – Trauma

8th meeting Luiza&Emilia

In this meeting, we talked about our dreams for the future and our life inspirations. I told Emilia that I don’t really know what I want right now but the goal is to get my degree and get a stable job. When it comes to my personal life, I dream about having someone loving by my side and having a family someday. When it comes to work/study, I’m interested in project management, translations, multicultural companies and how to work with international people effectively.

My inspiration is my mom in everything I do, she is the strongest and smartest person I know, besides being a great mom. She left home with a gun on her face and started her entire life alone and strong as nobody else. She was always able to achieve all the goals she had for herself and her life so that’s why she inspires me. 

Emilia told me that her dreams are to keep learning, work as an entrepreneur, and change people’s lives using her knowledge and abilities. I hope she can achieve everything she wants <3

The vocabulary we learned during our conversation was definitely not that much if compared to the other meetings, but sometimes we just need to talk and connect in order to learn something new.


Minä elän unelmaani todeksi  – I’m living my dream to become true – Eu estou vivendo para meu sonho se tornar real.

7th meeting Luiza&Emilia

In this meeting, we talked about our families/history. In the meanwhile, we would also translate in our languages common family words, such as: 

Family – família – perhe

Mom – mãe – Äiti

Father – pai – Isä

Brother – irmão – Veli

Sister – irmã – Sisko

Cousin – prima/primo – Serkku

Aunt – tia – Täti

Uncle – tio – Setä

Grandpa – avô – Isoisä, Pappa

Grandma – avó – Isoäiti, Mummo / Mummi

Family is the most important part of my life and I believe Emilia’s too. This meeting was definitely a great way to learn vocabulary through our histories. Talking about family is a bit difficult for me since mine is on the other side of the world, so I will leave this blog post short and simple :).