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Time with pleasure and profit

So, on Sunday we had the second meeting of our RU-FI group. We decided to go to Kotipizza but then suddenly changed our mind and went to another place (the name of which I don’t remember). Unfortunately, Vera couldn’t join us 🙁 That day we decided to dedicate more to culture and national peculiarities than to learning new words, because my memory refuses to work so much. However, I’ve learnt some VERY useful phrases and exprassions, but I can’t write them here as it wouldn’t be polite 🙂

Generally, we talked about how you should behave yourself in different situations in Russia and in Finland. And learnt common phrases for these situations.

I really liked the fact that Rulis and Joonas taught me to make an order in cafe. And I talked with waiter and cashier by myself!  We revised words from previous topics and “food” was to the point. I don’t know why but I can’t remember the word “potatoes” in Finnish. I remember how it begins and from which letters consists but can’t pronaunce it correctly! PERUNA PERUNA PERUNA (now i should remember).

We made some photos but they are not very good, so sorry. Hope Rulis has the same opinion about them and will not post them too (he has them on the phone).

We’ve he heard that these weekends Tampere celebrates anniversary, and I really want to walk in the centre during this event. Hope we will be able to organize our meeting in full staff and have fun


Well, the first meeting of our “RU-FI” group was on wednesday in students’ cafeteria. We   got to know each other and were trying to undestand “what would be interesting for all of us”. It was not so easy as there are 4 people in our group with different timetables and hobbies. But after talking for some time we understood that have much in common. And it’s really great!! Here we are btw 🙂


Moreover, it was decided to make “focus groups”. First part of our meetings Vera and I teach Russian to Joonas and Rulis, than Vera is practicing her Finnish (as she already know something) and I learn basics. From the first meeting I have learned basic numbers and how to form difficult ones + weekdays, seasons and months. and… want to say that finns have VERY DIFFICULT  months. But I’ve learned them and proud of myself 🙂 And true to say I was quite dissapointed when Rulis told me that’s not the most difficult part actually.
We chose words to learn for the next time. I am really looking forward for the next meeting, I ve never participated in such things before and like it very much!

бабушка – trying to learn Russian

Last week me and Dasha had our second meeting, where she teached me Russian. It was about the basics of Russian. Alphabets, greetings, numbers, word that describe family, etc. For some reason I thought that the alphabets would be easier to learn – I was wrong! Well, I think I did quite well since it was only my first time.

russian mount

It was really hard to try to read the Russian words at first, but after awhile I noticed that I had some clue what the letter could be. The hardest part was probably the fact that the order of alphabets is different – so when I thought that I knew what I was looking for, it took me ages to find the right letter since it was never there where I thought it would be. Luckily Dasha let me take my time, and after a couple of (well maybe more than just a couple) words it was easier and easier to read the words.

Some words were already familiar to me, like бабушка (babuska, grandmother) but that was just pure luck. When Dasha explained some Russian grammar for me, it sounded just horrible. I did see the logic there, but it sounded so complicated! But I hope that she will be patient with me…

My Russian pronunciation is terrible (what a suprise, haha!) but I’m sure that with enough practise I’ll be able to say a few words correctly. Hopefully. Finnish is so plain when compared to a language like Russia, so it is really hard to find all the right sounds from my mouth! At least people will have fun listening me, if I ever try to communicate with someone in Russian (I hope that I do!).

Learning Finnish Language in a group

We have 5 members in our group. Tero, Henry, Maxim,  Katya and  Mira. Two Finns, two Russians and me) I’m Kazakh by the way and I speak Russian Language as a native. So, we already met twice. First time, we met just after the lecture of Each one Teach one just to know each other and discuss some practical questions.  We decided to split our group into 2 groups,  because two of us, already had intermediate levels, and we let them form smaller group for convinience and efficiency. Second time we met in library. And I can say that I learned a lot. I learned how to order coffee in cafe. How to introduce myself, different ways to say hello and goodbye, that I haven’t heard before. Some tips for informal Finnish language. Also, I learned finnish alphabet, how those letters actually called in finnish. So, this is only the beginnig. Next time, we are going to meet in cafe and learn something newkofe2Frühlingsblumen-Buchstabe-Ä-000084967image27

Teaching Swedish

So I had my first teaching session with my partner last week, but I was too busy to blog about it earlier. Here it is, finally!

My pair in the Each One Teach One –course is Dasha from Russia. She will teach Russian to me and I will Swedish for her.

Swedish is my third language, so assumingly teaching it is much different than it would be if it was my first language. I have always liked Swedish and I think that teaching it to someone else will give me a new vision for the whole language. Before the first meeting we decided to have separate meetings for the two languages (at least in the beginning). First it was my turn to try to teach Swedish.

flag sweden

I had made a page long print for Dasha. For the first meeting I decided go through greetings, introducing oneself, basic words like yes/no and person pronomines. Time went really fast, and actually one page wasn’t enough for us! We ended up filling up the blank side of the paper as well, although after the hour it looked more like it was full of a maniac’s doodles.

We got through easy sentenses (for example about where Dasha is from and how her family is like) and I also tried to explain how the nouns are conjugated. I wasn’t that prepared for it, and it was suprisingly hard to try to find really, really basic words for that. All I could think about were exeptions!

Our pronunciation was very different, as Dasha has a very beautiful Russian accent in some sounds, but she was a quick learner. Suprisingly the hardest thing was to talk about Swedish in English – it would have been more natural for me to speak in Swedish, as it was what I was thinking about.

We had a nice hour together and I hope that well be able to have as nice time in the future as well!

Comment tu t’appelles?

Je m’appelle Aleksandr. 

The first meeting was pretty basic. I learned some question words, like Comment, Combien and Quand. David tryed to teach me more, but my brain capacity is limited 😀 It was interesting and I’m looking forward to meet again and learn some more!! Have to say that french seems to be quite hard at beginning 😐



To be continued . . .

Beginner’s Spanish, it is time to start


Our group had the first meeting last Thursday and unfortunately it took me this long to get myself around this blog and tell you a bit about it. Please forgive me 🙂

We are group of five at the moment (maybe getting a new member soon, but we’ll see). Our great Spanish teachers also had their lovely child with them, which was great and made the atmosphere lot more relaxed. We met at TAMK, in the restaurant in the main building for little bit more than one hour and had a great time learning beginner’s Spanish.

There are three of us, who want to learn Spanish and then one of us only speaks Spanish. Luckily we also got one gentleman in our group, who is able to speak both Spanish and English which makes it little bit easier for everyone I think. We are trying to go through some basic English and Spanish during our meetings this autumn and hopefully we all learn some useful phrases and make new friends with each others.

In our first meeting we learnt some basic vocabulary (greetings, weekdays, months etc) and tried to teach same things in English. Priscilla made us great notes about the lesson in Spanish and it was really useful. Maybe we could do same kind of notes in English later? We also got to know each others little bit better, which was nice!

I really enjoyed our meeting, even if it was quite formal as we were at school and unfortunately I didn’t have any time to prepare anything for the meeting. I have studied Spanish before, so the lesson was quite easy, but still it is always good to repeat the basics, as those sayings are the most important ones. I hope we managed to teach some English too and everybody else enjoyed the meeting as well. We are going to meet at TAMK on Thursday again, but I hope that maybe later we could also meet outside the school settings and maybe do something together 🙂

Thanks for the great meeting and see you on Thursday!

Best wishes, Laura

A teacher who learns

Although our second meeting with Emilia was on the 23 of September, I was totally snowed under studies, so only now I can write about my impressions. As the previous lesson was dedicated to Swedish language, this time my partner was taught Russian.


Initially, we started form the alphabet. It consists of 33 letters whereas 26 is the number for English. Actually, the pronunciation of letters is mostly the same, but the way they are written is absolutely different. And for beginners it is very confusing.

For me, it was easy to explain these basic things. However, everything turns into another way, when we switched for grammar. I found myself unable to describe properly rules to Emilia. Therefore, language border was faced. Hope, that such obstacle will be overcome.
Moreover, I told her about pronouns in Russian language. And warned her about furher difficulties in the way how all words changes depending on their place in the sentence. This will be a real torture.

Of course, it did not go without common phrases. It is extremely important to know how to grate in Russian:)

Overall, this lesson was a great experience. You are gaining teaching skills, develop your speech and vocabulary, trying to be understood by others. As I mentioned in the previous note, “Each one teaches each one” course, in my opinion, is aimed at developing a mixed diversity of skills and this is amazing! Every lesson includes so much new information not only real studies but also self development. Suppose, the last one is even more significant and helpful in the future.
Всем удачи)


Uutta ja jännittävää! :)

Hello friends!

I know my good friend Özge only 1,5 month. But I feel like I know her all my life. We are so close! We know each other before this course and we ware decided to join in this course! Our friendship is reliable and deep. We are sosimilar! A great feelingwhen you cantalk about different things! Wespend a lot oftime in the libraryand coffeesigns! Ourcommunication language is Finnish!


Özge is teaching Turkish to me. And I teaching Russian language for her! So exciting! Awww! My lovely friend was born in Turkey . He lives in Finland for five years, and he is a trained laboratory technician. And I live in Finland for 12 years! I worked before with Finnair (travel agent) We have a cool sports hobbies . One of them a boxing course and other one is fitness! This couse was amazing idea for us! This Teach One Each One was a great idea to learn new languages! Usually we walking through Tampere and practise in Russian and Turkish! Also every day we are going toghether grinking a coffee, running around, going to the Gym. Having dinner together, and spend a lot of time in Library!

Our next meeting will be on Monday. We are going to boxing course and we can practise more and more! I feeling so Happy!

Next week more news, friend! Jeeeahhh!

Спасибо за внимание!
İlginiz için teşekkür ederiz! ;)
We will be back! :)
We will be back! :)

At Leivon Leipomo

My and Yuki’s group got Marius as a third member. The more the merrier. 🙂

Our first meeting was placed in Leivon Leipomo at Kissanmaa. We did some origamis (crane birds, frogs and samurai hats) using proper japanese paper that Yuki brought with her. During folding (and me drinking breakfast tea) we wrote down some vocabulary.

paperi = a paper = kami
taittaa =  to fold = oru
kääntää ympäri = to turn around = uragaesu
sakset = a scissors = hasami
kurki = a crane bird = tsuru
sammakko = a frog = kaeru
kettu = a fox = kitsume
muki = a mug = koppu/yunomihunaja = honey = hachimitsu
mäki = a hill = oka
silmä = an eye = me

Hearing difference between a/ä and  r/l caused some problems. Also double consonant and vocal were difficult to hear.

Next time we will teach and learn some basic vocabulary at least in Finnish and Japanese. Our meeting place will be at the Pyynikki observation tower cafe.

Our sweet sensei of origami :3