#1. Intellectual Reunion!

Hello EOTO Family! It’s been a long time since I finished my first round of this program last year. And now I was honored to get the second chance, to write a story anew, to find a spark of inspiration. I’ve always dreamed of writing a book; a book full of stories, real-life experience, sophisticated reasoning, and deep diving into my own thought. It feels like now I have a great opportunity to write about my feelings, or better to say, my learning progress. So, I’d like to welcome you to my public diary!

FLAGI-300x151I applied for EOTO jointly with my faithful companion Sebastjan. We’re both degree students of International Business program at TAMK. Knowing each other for a year, we’ve become close friends sharing studies, worries, joys and many many other emotions. I’m going to teach him Russian and improve Sebastjan’s communication skills up to basic level.  Sebastjan, for his turn, is going to give me invaluable knowledge of Finnish language. I’m extremely motivated to transform my Finnish language skills from stammering over every second word to a confident daily conversations.

Today we had our first lecture which I boldly called “Intellectual Reunion”. It’s always a great pleasure to share ideas with Sebastjan, he’s like a motive power using his inspirational, motivational and encouraging tactics. We started a revision of Russian alphabet, secrets of proper pronunciation and some “simple” 🙂 rules. When my involved student looked run down, I decided to give him a chance to challenge my Finnish skills. We looked through types of the verbs, declension endings,  and some other grammatical issues which randomly popped up in my mind during the lecture.

Generally speaking, it was more like a catch-up lesson to check how far have we gone in our language progress. Personally I got an impression that the most effective way of learning is questioning. Today I opened lots of hidden doors for myself thanks to asking Sebastjan “What?”, “Why?” and “How?”. As usual, we’re full of creative ideas! I’m looking forward to continue our always unique brainstorming!


 I learnt: Mihin? has a strong position (kauppa=kauppaan); specific meaning of the word “Aladin” in our languages; Passive verb and its endings; Partitiivi case is a nightmare and better to learn it asap; Several new Finnish words. 

Cheers!  Julia.

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