Uutta ja jännittävää! :)

Hello friends!

I know my good friend Özge only 1,5 month. But I feel like I know her all my life. We are so close! We know each other before this course and we ware decided to join in this course! Our friendship is reliable and deep. We are sosimilar! A great feelingwhen you cantalk about different things! Wespend a lot oftime in the libraryand coffeesigns! Ourcommunication language is Finnish!


Özge is teaching Turkish to me. And I teaching Russian language for her! So exciting! Awww! My lovely friend was born in Turkey . He lives in Finland for five years, and he is a trained laboratory technician. And I live in Finland for 12 years! I worked before with Finnair (travel agent) We have a cool sports hobbies . One of them a boxing course and other one is fitness! This couse was amazing idea for us! This Teach One Each One was a great idea to learn new languages! Usually we walking through Tampere and practise in Russian and Turkish! Also every day we are going toghether grinking a coffee, running around, going to the Gym. Having dinner together, and spend a lot of time in Library!

Our next meeting will be on Monday. We are going to boxing course and we can practise more and more! I feeling so Happy!

Next week more news, friend! Jeeeahhh!

Спасибо за внимание!
İlginiz için teşekkür ederiz! ;)
We will be back! :)
We will be back! :)

2 thoughts on “Uutta ja jännittävää! :)

  1. You both are so nice yong womens. I will come every time so very happy when I see you.
    Yours teacher Ulla K

    1. You are we lovely teacher. We have been happy so that you are we teacher.
      Özge and Ekaterina 😀

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