бабушка – trying to learn Russian

Last week me and Dasha had our second meeting, where she teached me Russian. It was about the basics of Russian. Alphabets, greetings, numbers, word that describe family, etc. For some reason I thought that the alphabets would be easier to learn – I was wrong! Well, I think I did quite well since it was only my first time.

russian mount

It was really hard to try to read the Russian words at first, but after awhile I noticed that I had some clue what the letter could be. The hardest part was probably the fact that the order of alphabets is different – so when I thought that I knew what I was looking for, it took me ages to find the right letter since it was never there where I thought it would be. Luckily Dasha let me take my time, and after a couple of (well maybe more than just a couple) words it was easier and easier to read the words.

Some words were already familiar to me, like бабушка (babuska, grandmother) but that was just pure luck. When Dasha explained some Russian grammar for me, it sounded just horrible. I did see the logic there, but it sounded so complicated! But I hope that she will be patient with me…

My Russian pronunciation is terrible (what a suprise, haha!) but I’m sure that with enough practise I’ll be able to say a few words correctly. Hopefully. Finnish is so plain when compared to a language like Russia, so it is really hard to find all the right sounds from my mouth! At least people will have fun listening me, if I ever try to communicate with someone in Russian (I hope that I do!).

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