Beginner’s Spanish, it is time to start


Our group had the first meeting last Thursday and unfortunately it took me this long to get myself around this blog and tell you a bit about it. Please forgive me 🙂

We are group of five at the moment (maybe getting a new member soon, but we’ll see). Our great Spanish teachers also had their lovely child with them, which was great and made the atmosphere lot more relaxed. We met at TAMK, in the restaurant in the main building for little bit more than one hour and had a great time learning beginner’s Spanish.

There are three of us, who want to learn Spanish and then one of us only speaks Spanish. Luckily we also got one gentleman in our group, who is able to speak both Spanish and English which makes it little bit easier for everyone I think. We are trying to go through some basic English and Spanish during our meetings this autumn and hopefully we all learn some useful phrases and make new friends with each others.

In our first meeting we learnt some basic vocabulary (greetings, weekdays, months etc) and tried to teach same things in English. Priscilla made us great notes about the lesson in Spanish and it was really useful. Maybe we could do same kind of notes in English later? We also got to know each others little bit better, which was nice!

I really enjoyed our meeting, even if it was quite formal as we were at school and unfortunately I didn’t have any time to prepare anything for the meeting. I have studied Spanish before, so the lesson was quite easy, but still it is always good to repeat the basics, as those sayings are the most important ones. I hope we managed to teach some English too and everybody else enjoyed the meeting as well. We are going to meet at TAMK on Thursday again, but I hope that maybe later we could also meet outside the school settings and maybe do something together 🙂

Thanks for the great meeting and see you on Thursday!

Best wishes, Laura

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