Comment tu t’appelles?

Je m’appelle Aleksandr. 

The first meeting was pretty basic. I learned some question words, like Comment, Combien and Quand. David tryed to teach me more, but my brain capacity is limited 😀 It was interesting and I’m looking forward to meet again and learn some more!! Have to say that french seems to be quite hard at beginning 😐



To be continued . . .

4 thoughts on “Comment tu t’appelles?

  1. Hi Aleksandr! French (and especially the pronunciation) is indeed quite difficult at first, but once you get a hang of it, it becomes a lot easier. It would be nice to read a bit longer blog posts in the future with more details.

    1. All important was said. I don’t feel like adding any useless/extra stuff, just so it looks longer. Other blogs are repeating itself just for the sake of “long blog”. We will see what new I come up with next time.

  2. Good! Of course, it’s not sensible to add content just for content’s sake. The length is not paramount, but the quality of contents is. It’s always nice to read reflective texts that look into how the meeting has affected the writer’s ideas, feelings, etc. Looking forward to your future posts!

    1. I have been seeing how people write how they went to Kauppahalli and how they found cheap bread there and drunk some coffee. These have really nothing to do with what we are doing here, so writing about it feels just… pointless? Of course it would be different if David was teaching me french in Paris, instead of TAMK. Anyway, just making a point here. Will try to make those “longer” in the future.

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