Learning Finnish Language in a group

We have 5 members in our group. Tero, Henry, Maxim,  Katya and  Mira. Two Finns, two Russians and me) I’m Kazakh by the way and I speak Russian Language as a native. So, we already met twice. First time, we met just after the lecture of Each one Teach one just to know each other and discuss some practical questions.  We decided to split our group into 2 groups,  because two of us, already had intermediate levels, and we let them form smaller group for convinience and efficiency. Second time we met in library. And I can say that I learned a lot. I learned how to order coffee in cafe. How to introduce myself, different ways to say hello and goodbye, that I haven’t heard before. Some tips for informal Finnish language. Also, I learned finnish alphabet, how those letters actually called in finnish. So, this is only the beginnig. Next time, we are going to meet in cafe and learn something newkofe2Frühlingsblumen-Buchstabe-Ä-000084967image27

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