Well, the first meeting of our “RU-FI” group was on wednesday in students’ cafeteria. We   got to know each other and were trying to undestand “what would be interesting for all of us”. It was not so easy as there are 4 people in our group with different timetables and hobbies. But after talking for some time we understood that have much in common. And it’s really great!! Here we are btw 🙂


Moreover, it was decided to make “focus groups”. First part of our meetings Vera and I teach Russian to Joonas and Rulis, than Vera is practicing her Finnish (as she already know something) and I learn basics. From the first meeting I have learned basic numbers and how to form difficult ones + weekdays, seasons and months. and… want to say that finns have VERY DIFFICULT  months. But I’ve learned them and proud of myself 🙂 And true to say I was quite dissapointed when Rulis told me that’s not the most difficult part actually.
We chose words to learn for the next time. I am really looking forward for the next meeting, I ve never participated in such things before and like it very much!

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