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So I had my first teaching session with my partner last week, but I was too busy to blog about it earlier. Here it is, finally!

My pair in the Each One Teach One –course is Dasha from Russia. She will teach Russian to me and I will Swedish for her.

Swedish is my third language, so assumingly teaching it is much different than it would be if it was my first language. I have always liked Swedish and I think that teaching it to someone else will give me a new vision for the whole language. Before the first meeting we decided to have separate meetings for the two languages (at least in the beginning). First it was my turn to try to teach Swedish.

flag sweden

I had made a page long print for Dasha. For the first meeting I decided go through greetings, introducing oneself, basic words like yes/no and person pronomines. Time went really fast, and actually one page wasn’t enough for us! We ended up filling up the blank side of the paper as well, although after the hour it looked more like it was full of a maniac’s doodles.

We got through easy sentenses (for example about where Dasha is from and how her family is like) and I also tried to explain how the nouns are conjugated. I wasn’t that prepared for it, and it was suprisingly hard to try to find really, really basic words for that. All I could think about were exeptions!

Our pronunciation was very different, as Dasha has a very beautiful Russian accent in some sounds, but she was a quick learner. Suprisingly the hardest thing was to talk about Swedish in English – it would have been more natural for me to speak in Swedish, as it was what I was thinking about.

We had a nice hour together and I hope that well be able to have as nice time in the future as well!

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  1. ooh. I’m blushing! Remembering the way how long I was tried to say “dear’s pet”, there is no beautiful accent)

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