Time with pleasure and profit

So, on Sunday we had the second meeting of our RU-FI group. We decided to go to Kotipizza but then suddenly changed our mind and went to another place (the name of which I don’t remember). Unfortunately, Vera couldn’t join us 🙁 That day we decided to dedicate more to culture and national peculiarities than to learning new words, because my memory refuses to work so much. However, I’ve learnt some VERY useful phrases and exprassions, but I can’t write them here as it wouldn’t be polite 🙂

Generally, we talked about how you should behave yourself in different situations in Russia and in Finland. And learnt common phrases for these situations.

I really liked the fact that Rulis and Joonas taught me to make an order in cafe. And I talked with waiter and cashier by myself!  We revised words from previous topics and “food” was to the point. I don’t know why but I can’t remember the word “potatoes” in Finnish. I remember how it begins and from which letters consists but can’t pronaunce it correctly! PERUNA PERUNA PERUNA (now i should remember).

We made some photos but they are not very good, so sorry. Hope Rulis has the same opinion about them and will not post them too (he has them on the phone).

We’ve he heard that these weekends Tampere celebrates anniversary, and I really want to walk in the centre during this event. Hope we will be able to organize our meeting in full staff and have fun

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