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Friday feelings!

Today we met at the Café Europa. It was really refreshing to meet and talk, after a loooong, stressful week. We tasted some drinks and also translated some ingredients of drinks. It is really important to know, what do they include 😛



Now when we’ve been talking so much English, I’ve noticed that I should pay more attention to the pronunciation. Sometimes I talk really fast and the words don’t come out perfectly. Fernando is a great person to talk with, cause he notices immediately if I say something wrong. Like in my last post, when I was talking about hunting, I actually wrote “ haunting”. One wrong letter, and the whole meaning changes.

Few words for example:
Moose=Hirvi, Muse=Muusa
Hunt=metsästää, Haunt=kummitella
Course=kurssi, Curse=kirous

For me it’s easy to learn words by listening, but i also want to write them down, so i’ll get them correct. Like this, I remember them better. It is nice to hear also Korean, but for me even writing the words with Latin alphabets is difficult, not to mention the logographies. But I hope that I’ll be able to remember even few Korean words after this course =) In korean, the fluctuation has a bigger role in speaking, comparing to finnish.

Because it’s Halloween, it was one subject we discussed about. In USA people really love Halloween! They can have blockparties, where the whole family is all together and have fun. Of course the costumes are very important part of the celebration. Halloween is not so big thing in Finland, but in USA it sure does!

From thing to another, I’m used to say like “She doesn’t make a big number of that”. Today I learned that the better way to say this is “She doesn’t want to make a scene…” Once again, chance one word and the sentence is much better.

Now, have a great weekend everyone! 😉

Proverbs and expressions

This time we went to Y-campus in Tamk, took a conference room for us and started learning expressions and proverbs.

For example how to order a coffee in different ways, a polite way or straight forward.
“Ich möchte einen Kaffee beställen, bitte. ”
And then the waiter would probably ask me ” Welchen (Kaffee) möchten Sie haben?”.
Finding a way to university:
“Wie kommen ich zur Universität?” Or ” Kako mogu doći do sveučilišta?”
Price of the beer:
“Wieviel kostat das Bier?” Or “Koliko košta piva?”

Proverbs were funny and interesting way to learn some language and at the same time some culture. It was fun writing on the flap board rather than on a piece of paper or computer.

When writing German, Thomas only pronounced the sentence and then we tried to write it correctly to the board with Matija. We did little bit Croatian proverbs also. And Croatian language seemed so difficult for me at least. Very similar to Czech language thought, which I studied a little bit few years ago. But German wasn’t so difficult as I expected. One thing in German I always forget, the CAPITAL letters in nouns…or was it nouns?! It’s just not logical to me 😀
This is what we learned:
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Besser den Spatz in der Hand, als die Taube am Dach (A sparrow in the hand is better than a pidgeon on the roof)
Bolje vrabac u ruci, nego golub na grani.
Too many cooks spoil the broth.
Viele Köche verderben den Brei.
Puno baba, kilavo dijete.

Don’t look the gifted horse in the mouth.
Einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul.
Ne gledaj poklonjenom konju u zube.


St Peterburg with a German guy !

I started EOTO with my finnish tutor and a german girl, then I moved for another group with only a finnish girl, Elina who wanted to learn French but finally our group has grown and we are 4.. This time Im with three people who want to learn French (Elina, Tilda & Michèl) and this is really interesting for me! All of them do not have the same level but all of them are quite good so it’s a pleasure.

Just after the break in october I went to St Petersbourg 5 days with Michèl, we didn’t know really well each other so far so it was a good way to know other. We were in the same shared cabin in the boat and in the same room also in the Hotel Dostoevsky.  Michèl is always trying to speak in French, when he is texting or when it’s little sentences. Something I have to give him the right sentence but sometimes it’s already good. In the boat we played a game « speed », it’s an easy game so he understood really quickly when I taught him how to play in French. We spent all our time on the boat together and it allowed us to know each other.

The first day in St Petersbourg we missed the meeting with the group in the main lobby of the hotel so we were « lost » in the city trying to find them… At least it was fun but we have realized that it is not always easy to be understood in English even in a big city like St Petersburg. Indeed almost nobody speaks english (or nobody wants ) in St Petersburg..We finally found them by walking around the city under the snow.The first night we went to the limousine trip, going by night, all around the city, it was really great.


I realized something, when we have EOTO meetings with my group we can talking about everything but when you live few days with someone you notice so many things which you would not perhaps had the idea to speak about. For example the breakfast, I’m totally used to eat some sweet things but Michèl was totally oriented to things with salt. It was interesting to see how much our habits can varied depends on where you come from.

I can’t enumerate all the things we talked about but the most relevant were our hobbies, our way of life at home, our studies and our work next to our studies. First fact, Michel unlike me is already accustomed to live alone in Germany while I had never been living alone before Filand ! He explained me how he managed this and what are the inconvenients and advantages. We spoke about our studies, a bit differents between France and Germany and finally about our work and hobby. We have both a job in connection with cars (BMW for him and Classic Cars for me) and we both love motorbikes! We were trying to say to each other the specifics terms in French or German to speak about parts of the motorbikes or the different styles.  DSC_0312

During this trip we spoke a lot in French and I saw that he found his words easily with the time. Sometimes even, we didn’t want to be understood by the others so we talked in French! What I really learn that EOTO can be practiced everywhere and this is really enjoyable! We discovered thanks Facebook that he was in holiday the last year in France just next to where I live. Maybe we will be able to meet each other again next year in France !



Today Georg and me met in Café Europa. A really comfortable place with big couches that invite you relax. We ordered a big coke ( really cheap, just 2,50€ J ) and started to talk about our countries and cities we live in.

Georg lives in Austria which has about 8 million inhabitants. He was born in the northern part in a small village called Aspach with only 2300 inhabitants. But now he is living in Vienna and he told me a lot about the city. Vienna in German is WIEN. My first german word I have learned today.

We started to talk about the famous monuments in Vienna. He showed me via google maps where they are located and also showed me some pictures. One of the most famous one is the Wiener Stephansdom. In front of this big church tourists can get a place in one of the famous Fiaker. That are carriages drawn by horses.

Here are some pictures of the Wiener Stephansdom and a Fiaker.

Another famous attraction is the Wiener Rathaus. In this building is the home of the Austrian government and administration. Everybody is welcome to enter it for free. And every first Saturday in a month there are even free guided tours through this amazing building!

In front of the building there is a big square, the “Rathausplatz”. During summer there are different events there and in Winter they build up a big ice skating ring. Now that Christmas is coming, they will also open the famous Christmas market again. It is also located in front of the Rathaus. Here are some pictures of the ice skating ring and the Christmas market. J

Besides the learned English word for Vienna (Wien) and some names of the monuments in Wien, I also learned some new words. Georg chose words that are really similar to English, which makes it really easy for me to study them. I had to write them down in my vocabulary notebook.

Here are some examples:

das Haus = house; der Garten = garden; schwimmen = swim; singen = sing; ist = is

Something what makes the german language is a language of gender. So I have to learn each noun with its gender at the same time. Not knowing whether a word is masculine, feminine or neutral is really confusing. Today we started with some masculine words.

der Abend = evening

der Bart = beard

der Computer = computer

der Dienstag = tuesday

der Esel = donkey

der Fuß = foot

I hope you got to know a bit more about Vienna. Whenever Georg talks about “his” city he is always really excited. So I can see that he really loves living there. After our Erasmus stay in Tampere I will visit him for sure to get to know this amazing city myself.


Ramyun and gingerbread





Today we met in front of the Asian-market near railway station and went to buy some ingredients because today, we decided to cook! We first planned to make some Tteokbokki (떡볶이) together. It is made from soft rice cake and chili sauce. I was really looking foward to making the glorious white tteok together but once we arrived to the store, the saleslady told us that sadly all the tteok was already sold out and a new batch will arrive next week. while I was more or less heart-broken, Yooree suggested that  she could make some spicy ramyun. I haven’t had in a long time any korean-style spicy ramyun and we were all getting quite hungry so me and Shin hyun happily agreed. We bought some Shin Ramyun, tomatoes and then finally some gingerbread dough for the girls. I explained some facts about how finnish families spend their Xmas together and make gingerbread houses and eat a lot and receive presents. We also taked about halloween traditions and apparently koreans do not celebrate halloween in any way (except some random dance club halloween theme night). It is not popular in Korea and you wont see any Halloween decorations anywhere.

Later we arrived to Yooree’s place in Lapinkaari and had the shared kitchen for all ourselves. We baked, ate, talked and then baked, ate and talked some more. All in all, we spent time together today in total 5 hours and 40 minutes!

I had a blast today and ate so well! We already decided to make tteokbokki and maybe some sweet potatoes, not next, but the week after! awesome!



4th Meeting – Cook together!

It was our 4th meeting. We cooked together and talked a lot.
We have spent time from 15:30 to 21:10, 5 hours 40 minutes.
First of all, we went to Asian market and bought some stuff for cook.
Also, we went to market to buy gingerbrea cookie material.


I and shin cooked ‘Tomato onion ramyun’. Ramyun is Korean noodle and this food is kind of fusion cusine. Less spicy than just ramyun.


Ale let us know piparkakku (= Ginger bread).
Have a good appetite! = hyvää ruokahalua!
Ale taught that piparkakku is food for chirstmas and whole family make it together.
We really enjoyed to make it.

And then, we had a great green tea with this nice cookies. We have talked for 4 hours. Hard to remember what we have talked. We talked about our culture and it was awesome.

Successful teaching session!

A while after our first meeting, we decided to go straight to the point this time. We met at City Toas in the morning, sat down and started work on Spanish verbs.
I had so much fun teaching different verbs and its past tenses, I don’t know why but it was so enjoyable! I have to say that I realized that Spanish is harder than I thought, I mean, when it comes to the use of verbs it gets very confusing. For example, the verb “ser”

yo soy            nos. somos
tú eres           vos. sois
él es                ellos son

yo fui              nos. fuimos
tú fuiste        vos. fuisteis
él fue              ellos fueron

This verb is obviously irregular and accordingly hard to remember, but Melanie knows how to handle that 😀
And we also had some problem to find a word to say “conjugar” in english, it might be conjugate… but it just doesn’t sound too good.

Anyway, I enjoyed this session very much and I’m looking forward to the next one!


And here we are again! It was a dark day and outside was raining. We met at the University once again, so we could actually concentrate on some french and finnish. We sat down, ordered a cup of coffee and dived in a wonderful world of french pronouncing 😀

One of the tasks I wanted to do, is to go again through those football related words we practiced last time, to actually see if I remembered anything. Well I didn’t, but now I hopefully do.

David also introduced me to verb to go = aller.

je vais, tu vas, il/elle/on va, nous allons, vous allez, ils/elles vont

That wasn’t it, since I also wanted to know some daily used things like “I don’t like . . .” or “I do like … ” and obviously I practiced few exampled to fill the sentence, like: la mêteo, le livre and so on…

That’s it for now, to be continued . . .


Who are you? – “Quien eres tu?”

Now it is time to get started with some personal pronouns.  Because the weather is really nice, we spent a couple of hours outside, walking the main street up and down. Pointing out people and telling weather it is a “ella” or a “el” or maybe even “ellos” helps me to remember the spanish personal pronouns.

I – yo 
You – tu 
He – el  / She – ella 
We – nosotros 
You – ustedes 
They – ellos


Finally, we went for a walk in the forest which is really recommandable.. enjoying probably one of the last sunny days during this year!!

Nos vemos =)


We were learning the basics of how to say hello, good bye, sorry , thank you and many more in german. Is quite hard at the begening, but we the time is was getting easier. the words were


Guten morgen

Guten Tag

Guten Abend

Gute Nacht


Auf wiedersehen

Danke (Schön)



quite fun for the first class.. Also my teacher Stina and Susi are  great teachers, very patient and very motivated !!!!. each one teach one