Austrian atmosphere and Tampereen Kauppahalli

Cozy way of starting our meetings, cookies coffee and Austrian culture by Thomas and Finnish language by me. We started planning our future together this autumn semester (which also includes Croatian Matija) and it’s going to revolve a lot around food, culture and people. And I’m very excited about it!


University in Austria, German language and how the normal life is in the towns outside of Vienna interest me a lot. Discussing Thomas’ normal life back home and some good memories from travelling in Europe brings us to Finnish language. We started translating some common places and names which Thomas sees in his everyday life in Tampere. For example
Keskus = Central, center
Tori = market(place)
Kauppa = shop
Halli = hall
Puisto = park
Koski = stream

And important is  also to write these words down and see how they are written correctly!

We ended the meeting to a visit to Kauppahalli to actually have an experience of Finnish food market and see traditional foods. How to use different kind of berry jams for instance.

Lakka = cloudberry
Tyrnimarja = buckthorn
Puolukka = lingonberry  ( this we can pick next week if things go as planned)
Mustikka = blueberry

I had a brilliant time teaching Thomas and showing him what we have here. For me it’s important to give real life experiences and not just paper and grammar.
I think we succeeded today!

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