Having Lunch with Our Group

We met with our Finnish-Russian group for the second time on Sunday. Firstly, we had planned to go to the Kotipizza, but our plan changed just a few minutes before our meeting. Finally we decided to go to Kalevan pizzeria. Vera told us that she is not going to make it this time.


At the restaurant everyone ordered lunches for themselves. I decided to order a kebab with French fries. It was so delicious and a little bit different. I think it was unusual one. It was fun watching Sveta ordering her food in Finnish. Actually, she managed to order it.

French fries
Kebab with French fries

Later on, we decided to discuss about Russian and Finnish cultures and national peculiarities. We studied a little bit language grammar at the restaurant. We learnt lots of new phrases, words and expressions. We talk about how we should behave in a different situations in Finland and Russia. In an addition, we talked about drinking water in Finland and Russia. It cleared up that we have a clean water in every apartment here in Finland. we also discussed about traffic, police etc.

We are about to meet on the following weekend. We will go to the Pyynikin observation tower. I hope that everyone could make it this time.


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