Name an end!

On this Monday it was my second Swedish lesson. Actually, it took place at cafeteria, because a meeting was held in the y-campus.
This lesson dedicated to morphogenetic of Swedish language. In English we have articles “a” and “the”, in Swedish the idea is quite similar. But if we know the object, this affects the ending of the word. That was really fanny: Emilia was trying to put into by brain this information , but my head exploded.

Moreover, more troubles with pronunciation. More that the times I was repeating one word, again and again, but unsuccessfully. It can be explained by the difference in Russian and Swedish spelling. Swedish people would laught at me.
On this lesson we go through the endings of the words, I have done exercise to solidify theory. Besides, Emilia touched vocabulary : family, pets and animals
But the most important thing is that now I know how to express love In Swedish. Okey, may be not the most, but still significant ^_^ Yag alskar dig.
Suppose, that is all. Nice partner, good atmosphere, interesting language. What can I wish more?

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