Ich liebe Dich!

Hello Everybody of this special course 🙂

My Name is Michel Duckstein and I’m from Germany. This is the reason why I’m the german teacher of my three pupil and my nice fellow students. I enjoy it to let the others get in touch with the german culture,events and language, because in reality it means for me a big opportunity to enter into a new  complete world.

Everybody knows the words I love you in different languages like ‘Je t’aime’ and ‘Ich liebe dich’ or ‘Te amo’ . It´s easy to start the lessons with the most beautiful words in the world.

Furthermore all of my fellow students are able to speak german now I can hold the lesson in german as well which is very easy for me and it has the biggest benefit for the others if they hear the language all the time.

We started the first meeting with a game ‘Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst’ and it was really funny! I think that we as a group have a big potential to improve our language skills and to get in touch with 4 different cultures. Finland, Checz Republic, Netherlands and Germany. I like the mutlicultural way because we learn so much in such a less time about the others only if we talk about food or events which we have in our home countries.

We had learned most of the prepositions with our first fancy game and after it we listened to some german music and an introduction of a german musical ‘Tanz der Vampire’ it is a must have 😉 It is such a nice possbility for me and the others to participate in this course that I enjoy doing it!

This was the first report and I hope that you liked it. If not please give me a comment what I can improve or what was good. Want to hear all opinions 🙂

By Michel Duckstein

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