“Let´s skip the vegetables and go straight to the meat”

….with that sentence, Jaimile spoke out what I didn´t want to say at the beginning of our next meeting. I already met Jaimile and Erica  one day after my last meeting with Laura and Eija, because they didn´t have time the other day. And this time we met at Prisma to learn groceries.

In advance to this meeting, we uploaded a list of groceries in finnish and german, so that we had a slight clue about how the words are written.

As Jaimile and me were very interested in different kind of meat, we went straight to the sausage and meat corner. Erica told us the difference between the different animals, porsaan (pork), sika (schwein), nanta (cow) and so on. Also very important was the word for vegetarian (kasvis), because last time I accidently bought a kasvismakkara (vegetarian sausage) and thought it was real meat.

Another important word for me to learn in the supermarket was the finnish word for celery, as I am allergic to it. And it is pretty much the same as in german (Sellerie – Selleri).

This lesson was very helpful for me, because I learned a lot about food stuff and now I know better what the cans, packages and so on contains, when I buy them (and I don´t have to rely on the picture that is on the package).


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