¡Viva España!

The first meeting with our mixed team consisting of Spanish, Austrian, Chilean and German people was quite interesting. We met in a café and we were enjoying the languages with a hot chocolate and some real finnish devil cake! Yummi.. 🙂

To get to know the spanish language a bit better, we were tought how to write and pronounce the difficult letters in the spanish alphabet: h, ll, ñ, c/z, b/v

We also started with some simple phrases like :

Hello – Hola
Goodbye – Adios/ Chao/ Hasta luego
Good day – Buenos Dias 
Good afternoon – Buenas Tardes
Good night – Buenas Noches 
Thank you – Gracias (no Es nada)
Sorry – Disculpa/ Perdon
How are you? – ¿Como estas? 
I am fine ! – ¡Estoy bien! 
And you? – ¿Y tu?

For the first meeting that was already pretty difficult (especially the pronounciation)!

Looking forward to learn more as well as teach some German 🙂

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