Getting along with Chinese (culture)

Hey everyone,
Me and my E1T1 partner Ethan from China had our first lesson on the 19th of September. I know it was a pretty long time ago, but I have been little busy lately and haven´t though about this so much. BUT! After all here I go!
Our meeting took place in a proper classroom and Ethan had a presentation for me. For some of you guys, it can sound pretty boring, but I spent really nice time by getting along with some Chinese traditions and knowledge about language as well.
Both of us agreed that we will focus more on cultural aspects than language. Although, there will be some basic phrases, common used words etc.

In the beginning of presentation Ethan showed slides about China in general- its divisons, population, cities. Next Ethan was speaking about wedding customs in China a.) in history b.) in the present. I wasn´t so excited by idea that sometimes people had to get married with a person who they didn´t love. It was because of social status and classes in society. A man from rich family couldn´t get married wtih poor girl or otherwise. I guess this wasn´t happening only in China and if I am right this situation still goes on in India, for instance. Nowadays it´s more relieved so I am happy for them 🙂

Ethan continued with birthday rituals and I got really excited about eating noodles instead of a cake. He also asked me about Slovak customs and we shared our thoughts as well. We continuted with a speech about such religions as taoism and confucianism. Ethan was a little surprised by my knowledge about these eastern beliefs. I told him I read a lot and I am curious about each religion and look for some unified essence of everything:)

I was told about feng-shui, we watched some videos and I asked Ethan about his family. He told me his father is really superstitious about this and there was a situation about Ethan´s coins on a shelf. His dad wasn´t so happy about those as it is considered as bad habit. But I was told it depends individualy on each one. Not everyone believes in this things.

We moved to another part of meeting. We started with numbers from 0-10 even with those strange looking marks. I was laughing and truly excited how they can remember all of those marks?! HOW ?! HOW ?!,, I respect Asians! I really do!
I remembered 7 numbers out of 10 in written form (not arabic :D), I was surprised of my memory. Then there were shown differences between words- in written form, in pronounciation and meaning. I put smile on my face when I heard that Chinese people don ´t use “How are you?”, they just kindly ask you if you have eaten already. I like it very much as I like food! 🙂 There is actually a hidden meaning in this sentence: if you have eaten- it means you are happy, doing well, if not- you are frown, sad, …

At the end we were watching a video about a guy from USA who visited China for few weeks. He was som depressed by this new world and I understood him! While we will not experience it we won´t understand this different/ nice culture and people. After all, I was reeally satisfied and I think Ethan is a natural born teacher, I could see his passion and I stayed after class really full of delight and enlightment.
See you soon

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