First step of EOTO!

Today, 5.10, I had a meeting with my partners, Kazuki and Mari. Our group of three people  is for teaching and learning Japanese and Finnish. And this was the first meeting! As a place of meeting we chose Lapinkaari. This is the best place for my group. Kazuki and I live there, and Mari’s house is also very close.

Firstly, there was Japanese class. Kazuki became a teacher. It was the first time, and Mari and I are not good at Japanese. So, he taught us a basic of Japanese. It has three sort of letter. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji(Chinese letter). Among them, Hiragana is the most commonly used. And easiest. Fortunately, Mari and I have a little knowledge of Japanese. So it went well.

After that, we practiced to write it. We wrote our name in Japanese and learned some useful word for travel in Japan. (e.g. airport, toilet, station, train etc.)

10171197_10205033915311261_5644826486824929853_n Mari’s name in Japanese

Secondly, moved on Finnish class. Actually, contrast to Kazuki, I haven’t studied Finnish. I was nervous, and worried a bit. But Mari is a nice teacher. She started the class with Finnish alphabet. Figure is totally same with English alphabet(except double dots letter). But the sound is pretty different. Frankly, now I don’t remember all, I was really fun. And then we went over from 1 to 10 and the way of counting number and months. Some Many word is hard to pronounce for me. But I get interest in Finnish. And we also dealt with simple greeting and confusing(but funny) Finnish word.

10628101_10205033915911276_4164895999253478320_nStudying hard 🙂

Lastly, we made appointment of next meeting. It was really hard because we all are going to travel successively. So next meeting might be in the end of October.

I’m really glad to have two great teacher. Thanks to EOTO. I hope all members of my group to do a great job! Kanbare!

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