City Building & Mumintroll

We met again with our Finnish-Russian group on Sunday. We thought that we are going to use Tampere’s anniversary day for a good. So, we decided to tour the city of Tampere. First we start touring from city building. There were a lot of people in front of the city building. We had to stand on the line to get into the building. We talked about our breakfast  and morning thing. I tried to say in Russian that what I ate in that day morning. I have learnt few words that day. We had such a great time there. The building was amazing and it was so enormous. We talked about building and its arts both in Finnish and Russian. I am glad that I went to the city building. I should say that seeing the building for the first time I was amazed.









After touring the city building we headed for seeing Mumin. First we went to Tampere’s main library then we realized that Mumin had moved to the another place. So, we read the sign that Mumin had moved from the Metso-library. We went to museum to see Mumintroll. Taking photo were not allowed there. We toured the museum and we saw the Mumin building. The maker had been such an artist. The Mumin building was built with details.

Till next time guys.


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