Finnish vs German

So we had the first meeting of the EOTO course at my place drinking coffee and getting to know each others. I have a little knowledge of German language from the elementary school, but it’s been such a long time I have forgotten almost everything. Markus has learned just a little bit of Finnish in the beginner course so we could start from the basics!

I asked Markus to teach me how to pronounce the alphabet first. As I distantly could remember, it’s not too far from the Finnish ones. But I still got some new information; the letter V [fav] is actually pronounced like F in Finnish language. At least in most words.

We went through the weekdays and months in German and that was easy because many of them were similar to the English ones. Family members, easy as well. But what about the Finnish translations? There are absolutely no similarities. It was funny to explain the meanings of the months because the name of every months ends with “-kuu” which as a matter of fact means the Moon as well!

IMG_2757I introduced my German friend
some Finnish design;
Arabia Moomin mugs (in the picture).

As I’m looking for a new apartment for myself I also learned some very important sentences for going furniture shopping. “Ich möchte bitte einen Tisch kaufen” is going to be very practical when I go Ikea-shopping. I hope they understand German:)

See you next time!

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