First meeting in café Europa, enter in the void of Finnish language

For our first meeting with Elina, my future Finnish teacher we decided to go to Café Europa in the city center. It’s a cool place, really cosy, and warm that is the most important I think in Finland…

For this first meeting we started to speak about us, to present our-self because for this course it’s good to be close with your pair. We talked about our studies, where we are living and why did we choose to learn Finnish and French. This way I discovered that TAMK has lots of study field other than Business and engineering like computer’s science because it’s what Elina is studying.

My level in Finnish is actually close zero so I asked her to teach me during our meetings the really basics in Finnish and lots about the Finnish culture because I’m aware that is impossible to learn properly a language in ten or fifteen meetings. But counter me, her level is already good, she knows the basics and she is already able to talk in French a little bit and that is quite good because I hope we will be able to speak more and more fluently in French as one goes along our meetings.

Consequently we begin with the easier things like the Finnish alphabet for me with really different pronunciations than in French, after we made the numbers until ninety-nine and then the basics words like goodnight, good morning, thanks you, please etc.. The words are totally different than “latin languages” so I have nothing similar to compare, it’s just discover a totally new language. Nevertheless something really good is that for the number it’s always regular, it’s logic without any exceptions and this is really much easier ! She already prepared these words on a bloc-note so at the end I took the sheets to review it at home.For each part she told me in French the correspondents words and she was right !We talked a little about the Finnish education system and the University and we left. It was a good first meeting and I’m satisfied about my pair. We don’t already know what we will do the next meeting but we have few ideas.


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