Tampere’s anniversary

Sunday was a perfect day for a walk and our RU-FI group didn’t miss it. Thanks to Tampere’s anniversary a lot of facilities during weekends were free. Perfect for curious students 🙂 Sunday automatically became a day of Finnish culture. First of all we visited city building (on keskustori).

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A lot of people were there and we were among lucky ones who managed to get inside. Nice interior I must to admit. While standing in the queue we talked in Finnish and Russian what had we done in the morning. People looked at us with interest.

After this we went to the Mumintroll museum. Making photos were not allowed but true to say it wasn’t the best museum (even for free). So if anybody is going there you must be real fans of mumintrolls (just my personal opinion). The best thing there was a mumin-house. Howerver, the day was really very good and productive.

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  1. Tampere Day surely offered a lot of activities! On a side note, it would be nice to read more about your thoughts as regards the teaching and/or learning experiences.

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