Third meeting: teach French in a traditional Finnish place between cold and hot!

RauhamieniSaturday (4th of October), we met together at Rauhaniemi’s traditional sauna. For me it is very important that Michael speak in French, because I know he understands very well, but he really want he practices. A French friend come with me, we were three and it was  the opportunity for Michael to put in practice what I teach him and correct him last time in Café Europa.

After, we talked about the Finnish culture about the sauna. Michael lives near Lapinkari, so he often goes to this sauna with his friend. After staying in the sauna, we jumped in the lake, and we go back in the sauna. It was very good to do it with him. I could teach him some words like for example:

Plongeoirdiving board
Vestiairechanging room
Maillot de Bainswimsuit

During this meeting, in the sauna, we talked about his and my future trips in Finland or in other  Northern Countries. All this meeting was in French and I told him my trip in Stockholm last weekend with CLINT.
Moreover, we decided together we will do more courses in French than in English. We plan how we will process and we fix the objectives.

In fact, next course we will define some themes for the French course. The goal of these themes is to be useful and interesting for him to speak if he comes in France. The second goal is to learn good vocabulary and improve his French grammar. For each French course, I will prepare questions about the theme to have a conversation, a paper of useful vocabulary and a tense.

During this meeting, I started to be sick so I had to go at home. But we will fix a meeting for this week and maybe, it can be good to meet together at the tower observation.

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